fanny pack

I just rediscovered a band I was obsessed with last year so I will be listening to them for the rest of the year. Only 1 month left muchachos can’t believe we survived. Good year, great year. Definitely sharing first place with 2017.

I got deliveries, 4 parcels…. none of them are for me! I’m basically the post office of the building now. Can’t wait to meet all my neighbors 🙂 I would say I’m never opening the door for for the post again, but I am too waiting for a delivery. 

I think I may have figured out life today. I made rice this morning cause it takes like 30 minutes and that way I didn’t have to rush it and chew on hard rice. Now it’s lunch time and all I had to do was to put the perfectly cooked rice into a pan with tomato and beans. 5 minutes later I had lunch. 

First I had spanish class and was fully prepared to fill in gaps with ser, estar and hay and then we didn’t even have a test!! Instead we learned about donde vivimos :). While I’m having one quarter life crisis after the other the teacher keeps adding silla and armario and TENER QUE + INFINITIVO and lo and las. So that was fun.

that’s what she said (lol) every 4 minutes or so

After that we had the most useless lecture about stuff. Today it was about linguistics or some shite, held by a woman from like Russia or something which is a whole new german. But at least she can roll the r. I can’t tell you anything other than ”linguistics” and ”stuff” because after about 6.4 minutes I started watching friends, sound off, subtitles on. My friends on my left and right were well thankful for my ingenious idea.

After 90 minutes I felt like I’ve been through hell and back so the only solution was to go shopping. So ”Höfe am Bühl here we come” was the motto for the next 2 hours. And this time we bought stuff. But listen, I ordered a fanny pack (looool) on asos for 22 bucks. I found one I liked better for 18 in monki, so I got that one. So if you think about all I did was save 4 bucks. At 6 we went home.

Then I ate. At 8 my friend came to my place and we went to the Christmas market that’s legit right next to my house. Love it here. Luckily, we didn’t buy anything even tho they had THE bread stuff. Oh I also gotta try the magic unicorn, lagos and a nutella crepe, and most importantly, get fat. Sounds like a good plan for december. We went to the grocery store to get mulled wine after. A gigantonormous bottle costs less than 3 euros. That’s less than one cup at the market.

Pro tip: get an orange and throw it in the pot with the wine.

Proudest moment of the day: we only bought healthy snacks! No chocolate! I mean we did drink Jäger and Fanta and Wine which is equivalent to basically eating 1 pound of chocolate but we snacked on watermelon instead. My friend left at 12 and then I slept!

Woke up at 6. Listened to the new the 1975 album ”A BRIEF INQUIERY INTO  ONLINE RELATIONSHIPS” and went back to sleep. I don’t remember a single song. Gonna give it another listen now. Got up at 9 something and my cold has found a place to hibernate and is here to stay I think. Was not hungry which is the worst so I went to the copy shop and printed ot a gazillion documents. I can feel that quarter life crisis coming closer. 

Afterwards I went to the grocery store and you can be so exited about what’s coming your way. I had a creative outburst during that russian lecture. I’m hella
(😎) exited. This weekend (after studying and going to the fleamarket) I’m gonna bake. Why is olive oil so freaking expensive?!

TIP: do not listen to ”how to draw” by the 1975 when you had alcohol the previous day.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah asdfghjkl DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND WATCH THIS VIDEO. That’s my last tip and it’s the best one yet. It had me sitting on the floor. You are welcome. also just watched TOOTIME, made me cry actual tears. Just a casual friday evening really. But like look how happy that lil guy is aaaah !!!!. 

Oh I’ve been baking biskuits for the past 4.5 hours, this is the first time I’ve properly sat down. The second to last batch is in the oven. Gotta say it does take ages to bake biskuits in a pizza oven. 

I am done. I couldn’t move for about 15 minutes and was just hanging onto the edge of my bed. I was kneeling on the floor! Don’t think I will bake 4 different kinds of bikuits in a pizza oven anytime soon. 

Tonight’ been one of those Friday nights where you sit on the floor in the shower holding the shower head while boiling hot water is running down your shoulders. Through the sound of water you hear the 1975 self titled album indistinctly in the background. Out the shower you add halsey, hurricane into the queue. You brush your teeth for 10 minutes and then moisturize your body in slo-mo. Now you sit on your Laptop listening to the 1975’s new album. Your oversized tshirt is sticking to your skin from all the moisturizer. You drink a gallon of water while singing a long to sincerity is scary. Good night. Buenas noches.

We can open advent calenders tomorrow plus the first christmas post is going up. Gonna be the best day of your life!!!!!!! And all the super unnesessary vlogmasses start that i will binge watch all day every day.

tf is my thumb?
nada para mi (how nice am I to cover up my neighbors’ details btw?)
uni// christmas market

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