the never ending ginger shot

Santa’s just been arrested and my snack is a raw carrot.

If you want your cold to go away within 3.27 seconds and all your worries right with it, make this soup. I am currently breathing the freshest air and my throat has never been this clear. The recipe to this soup was inspired by the left overs in my fridge, that is now empty. Well I have red bull and butter. So, you need: 

  • 3 carrots
  • ginger (A LOT)
  • tomato sauce
  • onions
  • vegetable stock
  • oil

First you fry onions and ginger then you add carrots. 
If at any point you think you have added enough ginger, add some more. When the carrots are pierceable (?) you add 400ml water and 2 tsp stock. Let simmer for 25 minutes. Add tomato sauce. Simmer for 5 more minutes. Put in blender. Blend. 

When it’s a soup you may eat. Caution: spicy AF. I would describe it as a never ending ginger shot cause the heat and amount is keeping you from ”downing in one” or ”chugging” so you basically sit and take about 57 shots while holding back tears. Wow I’m really promoting this soup aren’t I? Also had ginger in my porridge this morning, like actual chunks. I sure was wide awake after that. There is no way in hell I’m still sick tomorrow. 

So we’ve got 3 soups by now: the ”naranja”, the ”muddy bog” and the ”never ending ginger shot”. I should work in advertising. 

While eating, just keep reminding yourself that you wanna be healthy again.

Oh was watching miracle on 34th street btw that’s why santa was arrested.

And I obviously did not go to the gym after Uni today but that should not be a surprise to anyone. Instead I went into town with a friend, didn’t buy anything tho. I did ride my bike to Uni at negative 5 degrees which may or may not have been stupid. We’ll see how bad my cold is tomorrow. Also did not reeeeally study for spanish so I think I will be guessing the sers, estars and hays in tomorrow’s test. But I wrote a 300 word essay en espanol, I even did research for, so that oughta do it.

Btw when making this soup, try cutting your finger AFTER chopping the onion it burns like crazy and you’re not only crying because you’re chopping onions but because you cut your finger as well. 0/10 recommend. 

How many rice cakes does one have to eat in a day to be considered an addict?

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