fa la la la la

Slept for like 4 hours. Woke up in the middle of the night because I thought I had goe deaf. BOTH EARS! Couldn’t sleep after that cause my heart was pounding. And I had Uni at half 7 so my alarm went off at 6 but I woke up before that.

First I learned about palenquero and various other creoles. Then I learned about morphosemantic and other definitions I do not remember. Then I went to the store and bought chocolate biskuits. Then I had another lecture about bilingualism (german and spanish).

Then I got lunch for 1,65 at the cafeteria. Took a picture so you would be able to see how massive those portions actually are. Sweet potato patties and couscous!!

Then I had a seminar, we were 20 minutes late cause priorities (food) where students tried to explain stuff and it was the most confusing thing ever.

After that I went to a cafe with a friend. Might go to Salzburg?! What?! Then I walked around town trying to find presents (stuff I can buy for myself). Didn’t find anything. Then I met some friends at the CHRISTMAS MARKET. I got mulled wine and made a mental note at every stall of what I’m gonna try. Here’s number one: magic unicorn: white hot chocolate with bailey’s and whipped cream!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also took the cute lil cup the wine came in home.

Just had dinner. Bread with cream cheese and home made jam, salad with home made dressing and diy-ed cold cure I came up with. Then I dipped carrots into pesto because I’m stupid and like feeling sick apparentely. 

O N E  E U R O  S I X T Y F I V E  C E N T S 
28 °F

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