Lol did you really think I was gonna go to the gym. My cold just got worse and now I’m coughing like the grinch and I have a headache. Btw why is the grinch not on Netflix, that is the only Christmas movie I enjoy watching and watched all the way through. Anyway, because the Christmas market opens tomorrow and my cold came at the most unfortunate time, I’m going to pretend that I’m not sick. That sentence does not make sense. So I’m gonna head to Uni and study. Not at the library tho cause I don’t wanna have people throw encyclopedias at me for coughing. 

But before doing any of that I’m gonna scroll asos and urban outfitters. Priorities. 

OH! I slept until half 8!! I mean I woke up but that was for like 30 seconds. Here’s the best (and only) thing I have learned from watching one of them Alfie videos. When you can’t sleep you just have to come up with a name for every letter in the alphabet. Yesterday night I went for english, female. So I lay and go, Anna, Bethany, Caitlyn, D… I think I got to like G or something before falling asleep again.

Left the house at 11 to go study. So I sat in a bakery for like 3 hours drinking overpriced black coffee. 2,20 is too much for black coffee. I was wearing a hat the whole time cause my hair is greasy af but that means a headache after 10 minutes. At least I can describe Leipzig to you en espanol now.

3 hours later I was gonna take the next tram home but just when I got to the bus stop my friend texted me if I was hungry and wanted to go to the cafeteria. So I walked back into town, looked at all the stalls for the christmas market (THAT OPENS TOMORROW) and then went to eat. I obviously had a look around sostrene grene cause it’s the best shop in the world. I want everything. So if anyone has money left and wants to buy me things from there, you may. 

Here is why I think 2,20 is too much for coffee. I got an entire portion of deliciousness for 1,50! 1 euro 50 cents. I had ”Ebly stir-fry with zucchini, carrots and parsnips with herb dip”. You’re welcome. Google it, make it, enjoy. I’m gonna insert a picture that I found on google that looks remotely like the meal I had. Also had cake. Good day.

Just went to a store kinda like whole foods or something. Got ginger for 53 cents. In a usual grocery shop that stuff costs 5 euros!!!

Also got a magazine for free with some awesome recipes in it so I flipped through it. At the end I cried. I will insert the picture from the last page on a second page in case you want to see. 

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