btw have I shown you the moon from 2 days ago?!

So I had breakfast in bed today. And after that nothing much happened for a long time until I was hungry again. A growling (thx R) stomach is literally the only thing that get’s me out of bed. So I made soup. Sweet potato, bell pepper and carrot soup. I would say: ”damn so healthy” but wait til I tell you about dinner. Anyway the soup was delicious and an ACTUAL RADIANT ORANGE COLOR!

Took a long ass time to make but was worth it. After that there was a lot of laying in bed watching youtube videos until I was hungry yet again. Actually that’s a lie, I wasn’t hungry I was bored, so I ate, a lot. Pasta and pesto (so yum!) and carrots and pesto (not as yum) and apple sauce. So yeah that binge was not da best and I feel accordingly. I watched half of miracle on 34th street while eating. Don’t know how to feel about it.

Guess where I am now? I’m in bed it’s half 9, it’s 90 minutes past my bedtime. I’m not tired cause I haven’t moved. I have more pictures on my camera but because it’s an sd card and and not hunger, I’m not gonna get up and get it. Soz.

I have a new approach to this cold. Sweating. Tomorrow I’m going to the gym. I don’t care, this has to go and I’m tired of sitting around. I eat too much for this sort of lifestyle. 

Here’s the recipe for the soup (2 portions): 

the end. 

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