Bonjour! Black Friday today. I don’t care if I’m sick I’m taking the tram to the mall today. 

You can see how my day went by the chart I created just for this. Took me 15 minutes :).

I don’t wanna jinx it again but I think I’ve outdone myself today. I had the actual best porridge. It was so delicious! You know what I did differently? I sprinkled a pinch of salt on top! Here’s why: I have dates and because vegans turn them into caramel I thought, hey let’s have salted ‘caramel’ porrdige. And idk where the creaminess came from but it was divine.

I forgot about that capital letter in the beginning for a while. Whoopsie daisies. 

Holy shit. So it’s Friday, meaning tomorrow is grocery shop day, meaning I’m low on edibles. I didn’t take a picture cause I thought not talking about it would make me feel better cause it’s so ridiculous but it turned out to actually taste good?! I got hungry an hour after breakfast (as you do) and started out with a joghurt as a snack (after having a tangerine and tea as snack) but then I was still hungry at 11 so what do I do? I get the applesauce and sprinkle fried onions on top. Pfff this is so stupid. Also pro tip: put the sauce in the yoghurt cup, you don’t have to clean any bowls then! Now it’s 12 I’m meeting some friends soon and I smell like a giant onion :).

Well so this is what happens next: we go into town look through some shops but it is incredibly crowded because some people are taking this whole black friday thing more seriously than necessary. At Media Markt adolescent boys were standing in line holding mountains of various electronics. A girl in front of us got an iPhone x and the guy behind an entirely new xbox set up. My friend got headphones that were the original price. 

We made plans to meet up again later to get Pizza and go to a house party, so I went home, very determined not to eat anything and just chill for a few hours. I got home and ate. And ate. Oh and ate. I even opened the muesli from iceland. I’ve reached a whole new level of stupid. So annoyed now. 

Then we went to Olive Tree, I ate the entire Pizza. The level is increasing. Then we went to her house cause it was only like 7 and watched a movie, got ready (I curled my hair!!) and went to the house. In the beginning I was third wheeling, sitting around looking at people (judging them silently for dancing to techno music) and holding my friend’s beer. Then we went to another room and sat in a circle on the floor with some other people.

Spanish people. I got to speak english, clap along to them singing some spanish song and laugh to sentences I could not quite understand cause 4 weeks of spanish class does not prepare you for that. ‘NO SPANISH!’ was an expression I got to use again which made me very happy. I then went on to playing winepong with 5 spanish people. They are just so much more fun than german people. But any non- germans are an improvement I suppose. #soz #luvugermanpeople. So yes, winepong cause there was no beer left. That idea was the highest level of stupid reached that day because you DON’T MIX BEER AND WINE, KIDS. *slurps on black coffee with severe headache at 11am the next morning*. 

Took the tram home at 3, slept til 8. Not long enough. I love Leipzig you can take trams at 3 in the morning that go straight to your front door. 

the first and only acceptable snack of the day
UK vibes

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