it be like that sometimes

Remember the muscle male cat? Ya now it’s just a male cat. Woke up at 8, got up at 9:30, took a shower. Now I’m trying to only make movements that are necessary for survival. *gets up to make second round of coffee*

Have I talked about the fact that I like coffee without milk now? I’m getting old. I’m drinking wine and black coffee. Next up: whisky (or whiskey) -neat and olives. 

I have to go grocery shopping today. Oh I’m sick btw, like ‘not able to breath through my nose sick’. A more popular expression might be ‘to have a cold’.

It’s almost 90 minutes later and I have not moved. BUT I did create a chart just to show how stupid I am. So that’s good for self- respect and such. 

Oh, got some songs you should listen to cause they’re awesome. Not listening to them would be more stupid than mixing beer and wine. *turns volume well down, listens to songs with twitching left eye*.

this is a gooden they go from french to spanish

Editing these posts is so much more fun when procrastinating. Like I get so creative, just look at my crappy webcam picture which I just edited the fuck (excuse the language) out of.

Well it’s 12 (who knows if it’s AM or PM) it’s noon. For lunch I’m having a cup of black coffee. Think the next cup will be tea cause I don’t wanna put more coffee into the concoction that’s in my stomach.

So deep into Pedro Pascal videos now. Hahahaa… airplane.

I’m getting hungry. Don’t know if it’s the best idea to eat something tho.

new word I learned that I will be using in the wrong context many times from now: obliterated; and taron egerton’s way is the only right way to say it: 

I did actually go grocery shopping which is not something I thought was going to happen. Here are the purchases that deserve a mention: 

  • creamy apple pie tea
  • lettuce
  • nasal spray

I just tried the spray cause I like breathing and I imagine that that is what it would feel like to do/snort/take (I’m not familiar with drug terms) cocaine. It burned like crazy as if snorting satan’s blood. Also, tea that tastes like pie is the best invention ever made. Can you put cinnamon in tea? I kinda want creamy cinnamon apple pie. Sod it, gonna try it. Turns out you can but shouldn’t. Wouldn’t recommend.

It’s 6. Time to make dinner. Today that means muddy bog, which I’ve shown you how to make. After that I’m going to make tea and sleep. 

Aye, aye, aye 
Sí soy así, me da lo mismo *twitch twitch*

look how healthy why do I get sick
watch second 13 to 26
(or the entire video cause dat guy’s funny)

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