don’t even click on this- it’s not worth it

You know it was a bad gym session when your nose ran more than you. Was there for like 30 minutes until the headache become unbearable and I was annoyed.

Next up I like to play a game called weird rash or trip to the drug store: 

I’m home again now drinking tea and eating an apple and a tangerine (gimme dat vitamin c) with a bowl of cough drops infront of me. I’m just gonna keep telling myself that they will cure my cold. Gotta get some stuff done for Uni as well.

I just ate all the food and feel sick now :).

Aah omg just got an email that my prof is sick. No uni today boys and girls I’m staying in my joggers!!!!!! This is my week so far: 

  • monday: no uni
  • tuesday: 1 lecture, 1 seminar
  • wednesday: holiday
  • thursday: no uni
  • friday: no uni (BLACK FRIDAY)

I’m gonna do my homework now tho.

Studied for like 3 hours. How proud.? Wanna know something about hyponymy and hypernymy? No? Okay, couldn’t tell you anyway.

My cold is getting worse every 4.5 minutes so I’m in bed now. Why am I getting sick every 2 weeks? What am I supposed to do I’m already wearing all the layers and eat all the tangerines. 

Just watched the princess switch and that may have just been the stupidest thing I ever made my eyes watch. But at least it’s dinner time now. 

Now I will be having a veggie schnitzel and a carrot and then I will sleep and hope I will wake up without a cold cause it’s black friday and I wanna go into town AND NOT BUY ANYTHING OF COURSE.

I started watching bodyguard and I gotta say scottish is on a whole athoer level, you gotta take a seperate class to understand that one. First I thought he was calling his boss Mom and I was well confused but it’s ma’am. Who would have thought.

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