3 biskuits and a date

I just drank a bottle of club mate aka liquid caffeine in one go and now I’m rapping en francais. But I’m readyyyy for the gym now. Plus I’ve got my potato that has spotify on it!! It’s a holiday (google says: Day of Prayer and Repentance). Oh lord I’m shakin.

Today’s breakfast was something completely different. I mean it was porridge. And also made with water. And also with cinnamon. But there was no apple today okay?!

I also tried to somehow include the word herbihoe cause brekkie was vegan but I didn’t know how so this will have to do. ”I’ve got a date” is the pun I warned you about yesterday btw.

  • dates (the only ones I get- you know the sticky thing vegans turn into caramel)
  • almonds
  • vanilla
  • cinnamon
  • salt
  • oats (obvs)
  • and h2o cause we healthy and can’t afford mylk

Just got back from the gym. This club mate stuff works wonders. 6km in 30 minutes. Just saying. And it was surprisingly crowded in there. No one is praying or repenting. Well maybe some were praying for survival and others were repenting going to the gym. 

On the way back I got myself a bun cause it’s a holiday and that’s even more special than a sunday, plus I was craving a pumpkin seed bun with scrambled egg. Studying is gonna have to be pushed back cause I’m hungry on the verge of hangry.

Omg just saw that this is gonna be post number 204! How did that happen?! 204!

Now that I’m laying in bed I have decided that there is no way in hell that I’m going to be doing anything for Uni today. Motivation has left, procrastination has taken over. We all knew it was going to happen sooner or later. I’m surprised motivation stayed for 5 weeks.

Okay procrastination has reached a new level. I think I’m gonna do some baking now. I’ll check pinterest, we’ll see what comes up.

The oven is pre-heating and the pyjama top has been put on. That can only mean one thing: I found a recipe that I have all the ingredients for and it only takes 30 minutes to make.

When you’re craving a snack on a holiday so you bake 3 biskuits so you can eat them all and don’t eat like 12 or something. Plus they’re slightly healthy. They basically exist of oats. And the batter tastes like christmas. Well the title did say ”christmas is in the air” and they have a ton of cinnamon in them. So good! Now I will make a cup of chai latte, eat all 3 biskuits while watching a christmassy episode of friends.

4:43 and it’s dark out. I have eaten all 3 biskuits they were divine and can’t wait for dinner. Today we’re having sweet potato and veggie schnitzel!

6:46… still not hungry 😦

BUT in 14 minutes there’s some the 1975 premiere and it says la poesie est dans la rue on the cover and I have never been this exited ever!!!!! 


luv it !!!

That’s it for today I’m gona eat now but there is already so much food and I don’t feel like taking any more picture. good night.

salvador de la vida

3 christmas oat biskuits

75g oats

40g butter

2 tbs sugar

0.5 egg


25g flour

0.5 tsp baking powder

1 tsp cinnamon

all pictures taken on the potato 🙂


pictures taken on camera:

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