snow, baby, parcel (just like christmas eve)

Say goodbye to good quality photos! The biggest disappointment has made its way back into our lives. Remember? (Just read the post back and went on reading others from that time. They put me in the best mood!!)

I’ve got my potato phone back.

Had uni today. During free period we went to the library to study. I swear if there was an award for best student. I wouldn’t get it cause I’m dumb but like I’m trying. Anyway after leaving the class room it was snowing. Like actual snow. It was freezing cold and windy af. I could barely walk to the bus stop. Cycling times are over, not doing that to myself. Plus I can feel myself getting sick so I was planning on getting ginger cause that’s what rich people put in tea when they get sick. More about that later.


So I get home planning on going to the gym, even bought club mate to get enegry but then I find this little paper in my mail box that says I missed the mailman yesterday but I can go get my parcel at a post office not far from my house. So I make my way there get my potato parcel. 


I open the door tat was half blocked by a stroller and stand in line. A few seconds of silence later a mom queueuues (you know like stands in line) behind me with a baby in her arm. That baby starts screaming and crying. Like same, but keep it down. You have no worries, I should be the one crying. 

Anyway so I collect my parcel and go to one of the tables to put it into my back. On the table right next to mine lays the baby, getting undressed (does the mom know it’s snowing outside). The mom starts nervously humming some melody while the baby is screaming bloody murder. Putting a parcel into a bag and undressing a baby weirdly involve a lot of the same movements so I felt like I had a baby in front of me too! I start sweating and shaking and wanted to cry myself cause the baby just did not stop. So yeah. Don’t think I’ll be getting myself one of those anytime soon.

After basically heaving a nervous breakdown because of another person’s baby I went to the supermarket to get ginger. I bought dates and a broccoli cheese veggie schnitzel (pun coming at you in tomorrow’s post), no ginger. It costs as much as 2.5 portions of pasta at the cafeteria. 

Hhhooooh my god. I just screamed. I’ve got an advent calender. F the potato phone I’m getting prezziiiies! 

I’m gonna try to get this phone to work and hope I can somehow keep all my conversations on whatapp. I hate electronics. I can’t have them deleted :((.

Tonight we’re creating food porn. We’ve got veggie schnitzel, (pasta and tomato sauce) with onion sprinkled on’em. You’ll see. I have a very specific image in mind of what it’s gonna look like. 

Conclusion: I’m a 5 star chef.

last words of the day: these make anything taste like hot dogs aka make dreams come true. Good night.

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