it has begun




it had to be done- we all thought of her.

I just slept until 8. eight. I mean I obviuosly woke up at 2 and 5 but that was not for long and when I’m telling this story to everyone I know I won’t mention that. So incase anyone asks I slept until 8

I could be making all this up and you’d never know cause I didn’t take a single picture. But I promise I actually had plans on a Sunday:

So, after having breakfast yesterday a friend and I were planning on going to an art fair but when we got there I realized I had forgotten my student ID and I was not gonna spend 7,50 to look at pictures. 5 yes, but not 7,50. When we walked back to my house to get it the desire to go back there slowly faded away, so we googled where else we could go. We found one pop up shop festival which was pretty cool. V/ creative. There were many, many different stalls with diy-ed things like bags made out of tires and a guy drawing on wood with a tattoo gun. Arrrgh that noise!! All we kept saying was ”our mothers would love it here” so we decided to meet there again in 20 years when we have money and an urge to own knitted legwarmers. 

Next on the list was a fleamarket that took place in a bar. Very small, very dark. Was nice but like πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ.

Lunch were wraps. Delish. πŸ₯‘πŸŒ―πŸ₯—

Note to self: buy curry hummus. 

When I went back home I had 2 choices. I could take Bus A and wait for 6 minutes, but wouldn’tknow 100% where to get off and would have to walk home for a bit (I wouldn’thave google maps, and I’ve lived here for 7 weeks) or take Bus B, the bus stopis right in front of my house but I’d have to wait for 17 minutes. 

I take Bus A. Getoff at some random bus stop because the houses looked familiar. Realize allhouses in the entire neighborhood look the exact same. I walk around for agestrying to find my house. So that was fun. Only ate a shit ton of food after that and then I slept until 8!!!

Didn’t have breakfast because of that massive snack attack last night (let’s just say: hummus goes with various kinds of food when you’re hungry) but I did find more Bali coffee!!! It’s cocoa and luwak coffee (you know the one animals shit out :)) So I drank that. It was delicious. Also did the laundry in my shower again which is probably the worst thing to do- ever. May as well have taken a shower. Wet socks are the worst. 

here's the list of the worst things
  1. cookie not fitting into glass of milk
  2. gym without music
  3. stepping into water wearing socks

Next purchase is going to be some sort of drying rack. And the one after that a washing machine. Not really cause ain’t nobody got money for dat but I just checked and a rack thingy costs like 5 quid (or a cooler way of saying euro). 

Anyway, went to my friend’s house then to make wreaths. We had italian wine that another friend’s family make themselves (that must be the coolest thing in the entire world; having your name on a bottle of wine) spanish music blasting through the speakers and german biskuits. Was so much fun!!! πŸ’

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