muscle male cat

I slept until 7!!!! What a fantastic start to the weekend. Then:

  • snack and coffee
  • gym without music (worst thing in the world)
worse than this!
  • aching ass muscles
  • apple cinnamon porridge
  • cleaning the flat ft. my new broom
  • spending money like a rich person on groceries
  • lunch with all the delicious spreads

and now I’m in bed.

When I woke up this morning it was so cold that the roofs were all frosty and white. I love it. Autumn is over, and winter has begun!! Perfect timing as well cause in the afternoon me and my friends are going into town and we’ll diy wreaths. 
It’s not like I just spent a shit ton of money the last few days, no, let me buy more unnecessary stuff :).

Today was leg day- that’s what I decided mid- workout cause I was too lazy to lift stuff, so afterwards I could barely walk up to my flat and only the thought of food kept me going. ”All” my ”cupboards” are so nice and stocked up I can make all the food in the world! I don’t actually have a cupboard but like the fridge and shoebox I keep stuff in are full. I bought Christmas deodorant!! It’s getting serious. Also cleaned the flat with my new broom hehe. 

Just got distracted by buzzfeed and read articles for like 30 minutes.

Gonna get readyy now, today this includes coffee. I think sleeping until 7 isn’t good for me, I’m so tired.  

That was so fun. We didn’t diy today but we got all the decorations and had a whole lot of wine and biskuits so we were just as happy. The diy-ing starts on monday. Had a great time shopping for all the christmas decorations. I got some awesome (and unnecessary) stuff and my friends got some v cool decorations like a glittery reindeer too. Money well spent.

The talks got quite a bit deeper after a few cups of mulled wine and spanish speaking boys became main topic. Afterwards we watched intouchables. When I was waiting at the bus stop it was so cold I thought I was going to die. Now I’m home and in bed, I didn’t die. Bonne nuit. 

I have muscle male cat in my butt

little volcano smelling of mulled wine
@mama Ich habs’s mit Wasser ausgemacht! Lass mich, meine Wohnung riecht jetzt nach Glühwein!
(ps. danke für’s Handy schicken)

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