3 bags and a broomstick

well alcohol didn’t do anything and I woke up at 4:42 to a black sky and completely black screen.This sucks. And I can’t connect my phone to my computer to import the pictures bc I have to unlock it which is not possible. No message from the belgian guy either ughhh. Gonna watch vlogmas on my giant computer screen now which is just the worst. Oh nvm gonna work for Uni so I won’t have to do it in the day. DONE woop woop and all before 6am! 

Now I can peacefully watch vlogmas :). 

Btw, you wouldn’t have seen cause I lost the pictures on my phone, but they are already starting to set up the Christmas market and there are christmas garlands everwhere. I took such pretty pictures yesterday as well :(. Meeting my friends tomorrow and were making wreaths. Well exited for that. 

Feels like a sunday today. It’s Friday and I don’t have any plans. No interesting ones anyway. I wish it was Sunday so I could go have amazing breakfast and would have already been grocery shopping yesterday. But it’s Friday, I have oats and pasta left and I’m struggeling to find delicious recipes with those 2 ingredients. Gonna make it work tho, not my first time struggeling at life. Damn would you look at that optimism where did that come from?

Gonna get up and have black coffee now cause I don’t think pasta or oats will help in the delicious-making process.

I’m having oats with cola cao cause I don’t have fruits and my coffee black

Went outside now cause too many mishaps were happening to me in that stupid flat. Couldn’t stand it anymore. So I walked to ma lil neighbor cafe oink with my laptop in my bag ready to get working. Love this cafe cause a) they got rooibos tea that is nowhere else to be found b) they play an english radio station and c) the interior and atmosphere is da bomb. I don’t have my phone so I can’t really take pictures but I’ve shown y’all before. I took them on the webcam. #ingenious

So I open my books about words and realize: I have nothing more to do!! And also, next Wednesday is a holiday, so no Uni and it’s project week for romance studies meaning no spanish lectures for me meaning only like 3 lectures that entire week and I studied for those yesterday! So now I’m planning all the christmassy goodness that’s about to happen while crying on the inside, cause I can’t take pictures of everything and anything anymore. 

I’m putting my pizza oven to the test later cause I’m gonna make cupcakes. They’re playing spanish or like indian (sounds v bollywood) music now. Luv it here! So I’ll be spending my non existing money on baking powder, eggs and muffin forms. 

Ah yes. That didn’t happen I spent my non existing money on baking powder, eggs, muffin forms, tangerines, a broom and decorations. But I don’t care cause I’ve got a broom and mulled wine scented thingies and that makes me happy. While I was in the shops, everything that could have possibly gone wrong, did in fact go wrong. So I got home, ate and now I’m in bed watching riverdale. Dude this season suuuucks! wtf is even happening? Are the writers on jingle jangle (ew never saying that again).

Update on the phone situation: my mom’s gonna send me my old phone so until then I’m phoneless. Hope there’s some like next day delivery or something :((((. Dinner was a cupcake and a chai latte and it was delish. So much appreciation for my lil pizza oven. . That’s all. 

It’s not all and that also wasn’t my dinner. I feel sick now obviously because I ate all the foods but it wouldn’t be the end of the day if I felt normal. Does that make sense? NO. okay. I ate rice cake things with about 300 pounds of butter and garlic on them. And also tomato soup. I can’t even get up IÄm so full.

For the fact that I don’t have a phone there are a hell of a lot of pictures.




aaaaaaah got some of the pictures from my phone…

so these go with

lünch – indian dal
now my joke: pretty spermwhale- ha same!
(and my more hipster fanta)
…and then I dropped my phone.
the little blue corners is all we’re getting today. 7:38am

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