THE oats are back

most beautiful weather today. Finally the autumn we deserve. Sunny, cold, blue skies. PLUS I woke up at 5:45 today!! That means 7.5 hours of sleep. Great day. Had coffee and a lil snack, went to the gym, went back home aaand ­čąü

had apple blueberry oats!!!!

I also spritzed some of my hollister body spray that I got in Brighton all over ma body. Good day. Great day. 

Gonna get read-heeey now and go to Uni cause as I have mentioned several times before, I’m stupid and gotta study. And I’m meeting people for lunch in 2 hours and gotta get stuff done before :).


FRIENDS, FAMILY we’ve gathered here today because yo girl’s phone is dead. YOU CAN’T CALL ME OR BEEP ME IF YOU WANNA REACH ME ANYMORE. WELL NOT SUCH A GREAT DAY AFTER ALL. Like I can turn the display on and off but the touchscreen isn’t working so my phone is basically useless. Had the phone before for like 3 years. This one didn’t even survive 6 months. fml. And I had just bought beer with the best name and was gonna be like ”ha! same” but I’m not in the mood anymore, plus the picture is on my phone :). What am I gonna do?!?! 

  • no more taking pictures of orange trees
  • holy crap no more spotify
  • google maps
  • no more whatsapp (don’t get messages anyway but still)
  • no more instagram before going to bed

I might just as well live in the 16th century. Seriously tho. What AM I GONNA DO?!

And of course there is an incredible sunset. Just my luck. tf did I do?!

I’m gonna describe it then.The sky is pink and purple. You’re welcome.

There obviously are no pictures today cause I’m a dumb fuck and drop more phone onto tiles.It’s 4:45 I’m gonna start drinking. bye. 

still don’t know what I’m going to do with the whole phone situation but I texted the belgian guy on facebook to text my sister so she can then ask mis padres what I’m supposed to do now. Going to the gym is gonna be worse than actual hell cause the music they’re playing straight up sucks ass. Plus all my notes I took about the cardio process are gone and all pictures from the past weeks.┬á

I may have had a couple sips of j├Ągermeister cause I bought orange lemonade at a sp├Ąti – not fanta- the hipstery kind cause I’m kewl. #j├Ągantaforthewin!! I’m staying clear of red bull now cause it ain’t great for your health. Neither is fanta probably but at least I won’t have a heart attack at 24. So no more flying hirsch/ j├Ągerbombs from now on it’s j├Ąganta. Gotta say, 20 past 9 and I’m gettin sleepy. Might be because I’m watching vlogmas and those videos are boring but hey, I’m getting sleepy and that’s all that matters. Also started the Toby Robbins documentary on netflix, cried within the first 5 minutes and stopped watching. 10/10 recommend.

Holy shit! There are pictures! Before I smashed my phone I uploaded some to wordpress.

pre workout

Also dis da daily jam: 

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