Being a responsible adult. Used by immature 20-somethings who are proud of themselves for paying a bill.

why the hell am I sweating in November. That’s not what was supposed to happen when I left the house. Anyway.

Went to the gym at 8 and cardio-ed for 45 minutes while watching tv. New best (out of all 3 times I’ve been). Then I finally had porridge again. The cinnamon, apple one. Then it was 11 and I went to Uni. ”But I thought you didn’t have Uni on Mondays.” I don’t. I went there voluntarily to study. I wrote an except en ingles that’s due on Friday. It was well boring and took forever. Then I read some text en alemán which was even worse like I couldn’t even tell you what that text was about now. But I highlighted stuff and that oughta do it. I even brought food from home so I wouldn’t have to spend money! How grown up am I?!

Then I went into town cause I wanted to look at Christmas decorations. I decided that this year’s Christmas colors are gold and like a baby pink. Well exited for the Christmas market to start. I also decided to wait until that day (the 27th) to buy christmassy stuff. Didn’t buy anything in town, didn’t spent a single penny. Went back home and every single muscle in my body was hurting but I made it. How proud? I’m so strong. Not moving again today. Now it’s 3:18 and it’s starting to get dark. I’m not kidding.

Maybe not. Maybe they are just clouds. Maybe it’s gonna rain.

The gym brings one bad thing: I am hungry. Always. And that is expensive.

I meal prepped yesterday so no waiting 30 minutes for that stupid rice to cook today. whoo hoo. Gave me major anxiety attacks yesterday cause I was in bed… watching a Christmas movie (as you do) while the rice was cooking and I thought the flat was gonna go into flames. It didn’t and now I have food.

Look what I did this morning at 6 something:

5:26pm. I’ve eaten dinner. I’m in my pyjamas. I’m in bed. It’s dark outside. Fairy lights are turned on. I’m watching 2017 vlogmas videos.

Here are pictures I took today.

pre workout
Bali documentary on the telly


muy borrosa
way to Uni
‘gold and baby pink’
i don’t care how old I am, I want an advent calendar plus the first Christmas market stall
way home
took me 4 minutes to make HA!

Screenshot (119)

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