the mejor tag de ma vie

neeext. welcome to the 9th of October, the day that will go down in history as the best day ever. I SLEPT UNTIL 7:30!!!! I wanna thank not only god but jesus valerian.

The second I opened my eyes, I knew. I knew it was gonna be a fantastic days because it wasn’t dark in my room. I had breakfast in the best mood. Watched friends in the best mood. Brushed my teeth in the best mood.

I left the house (in the best mood, but it’s getting annoying) at 10 and took the tram to the citizen office (?) to meet a friend and to collect 150 bucks for moving to Leipzig. idk I don’t even understand in german. Anyway next April there be 150 bucks more on my account. I obviously got lost several times on the way there but we only had to wait for a minute, told you it’s a great day.

Remember last time I was there and had to wait for over 2 hours. Hold on:

…ually never do. On top of that I parked backwards. I pull a number B706. Wait: 141 minutes. I think fml and sit down. Many many weird people and one creepy guy dat do…

After that minute we walked up to Uni so I could pick up my bike that I had left there, yesterday and I drove down to the cafeteria and studied for 4!!!! hours. Until I couldn’t think any longer. That is also the reason I will not be signing up to the gym today. I am done. First task was writing a summary in english, then homework I have to do for spanish class and then reading stuff in german. And there we have all the languages. …alle Sprachen…. toutes les langues….todos los idiomas.

Got home, threw my bag into the corner, myself onto the bed, stayed there for a good minute… made food and haven’t moved since. Now it’s dark and I’m sorta guessing where the letters on the keyboard are. It’s 5:27pm. I have not been up for 12 hours. This is the best day ever. Or as an annoying person likes to say: the mejor tag de ma vie

Can someone tell me wtf my taste in music is pls. I hope Spotify does this thing at the end of the year again where they show you the statistics!


Dinner was probably the most aesthetic one yet:

Sweet Corn Polenta with Fried Egg and Sun-Dried Tomato Relish

loool I legit ate a can of sweet corn and fried an egg

I will be watching Netflix until I take the next spoon of valerian. adios. bonne nuit and schlaf gut. I know I will. 💤👀💊💉

⬆before            and               after⬆

⬆lunch              and              dinner⬆

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