losing my only talent

damn it damn it damn it. I woke up at 4 again no thanks to valerian. It’s half 6 and uni starts at 1pm. I could probably study in the morning but as expected, motivation has left me after 4 weeks, exactly and the procrastinating has begun. But good news: my friend from Spain is gonna come visit!!

8. Hold on let me just procrastinate until like 10 and then I promise I’ll study.

*tries on clothes for 47 minutes*

9. One more hour of procrastination. Don’t really know what else to do now but I don’t wanna study!!! 😫😫😫 aaaand ramble: I have uni from 1 to 7 but I’m skipping the last 2 hours cause that’s what I seem to be doing now, so instead of learning I’ll meet my friend in town and we’ll finally start ticking off our to-do list! After that I think I’m going to a pub.

Also, it says on the valerian pack that it can take up to 6 weeks for the drops to kick in! I can’t wait until Christmas to sleep! Actually, now that I think about it, that might be good timing, at least I will be able to sleep during the holidays. If I make it until then. I’m already hungry again. Today is gonna be horrible *silent -h- like the french do it* [ɔʀibl  ]. 

Yesterday wasn’t horrible one bit. I started studying right after writing that paragraph cause I lost my one and only talent, procrastinating. So I studied a bit and then drove up to Uni at 11 cause I needed to print some pages. Then studied a bit more until spanish class started. So I rolled the r (unsuccessfully) for a while and then sat in a lecture that was quite fun actually, for another 90 minutes. Topic was ”the awful german language”. We basically talked about why German sucks, which I enjoyed a lot cause I hate German. Which is why I study German.

Afterwards we got to leave the windowless lecture hall (thx google translate) and it was dark out, which was kind of a shock to me. It’s not like I’ve experienced 19 winters before. Anyway, me and 2 friends went into town to a shop called Mrs. Hippie which was on the top of my list! We were 93% disappointed by the stuff they sold so we went to goldstein interiors which is a great place for rich people. So in case you ever wanna spend 400 bucks on a chair, that’s the place to go.

Next we got cheesecake at maitre (originally written a lot more french… ugh damn it when did I turn into a perfectionist? maître) which was divine and bc we’re getting fit now (still haven’t signed up to the gym) we shared a slice (anyone else sang that like alt-j does in pleader? 🎶🎶…you can pick the fruit if you share a slice… 🎶🎶 minute: 1:10 u r welcome).

We walked around for a bit until we were hungry again so we got asian food. yum-my. We then decided to go to the movies and watched a simple favor or something. You know the pitch perfect/ gossip girl movie. We initially bought tickets for bohemian rhapsody but they changed hall and we would have had to wait for ever so we changed movies. HA! …

Had to wait ages for that one to start too.

But we bought beers before, that we ”sneaked” in, feeling like bad girls (they didn’t check out bags). The thought of them was the only thing keeping us going. I liked the movie it was really confusing, but in like a good way. And I also pooped ma pants when the closet was full of Emily’s clothes again. Her name was Emily right??? ➡ Serena van der Woodsen.

Was home at like half 11, ate the rest of my rice, took my valerian and SLEPT! Capital letters.

Screenshot_20181108-070019_Samsung Experience Home
time for breakfast even tho I thought I would be sleeping for at least 2 more hours. I so didn’t wanna see the sunrise today.



ooooh how very aesthetically pleasing, you’re welcome for this detailed shot.


yikes! again, you’re welcome




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