this goes out to all the xmas biatches:


midnight. It’s finally CHRISTMAAAAS! Let the gingerbread, oranges and santa time begin. I am ready for all the chocolate, candy canes (ew) and more chocolate (I guess… – I couldn’t come up with another candy) Gonna sleep now.

Feliz noviembre putas de santa. (That’s aggressive).

Also: listen to these 2 songs please:

u r welcome.

I will sleep for now, and dream of a beautiful winter wonderland.

Woke up and was deeply disappointed by the fact that I didn’t dream of a winter wonderland. Another sad thing was that I was not hungry so I couldn’t eat porridge and only had THE LAST BALI COFFEE EVER! I was enjoying every single sip,hoping I will remember its taste forever and I documented the making step by step. I worked on a paper for Uni that is due tomorrow most of the morning.

Still haven’t packed for when I go home tomorrow morning. I’m just so exhausted. I hope I can sleep a full 15 hours on the weekend.

When I went grocery shopping last weekend I didn’t think about the fact that I’m only here til Thursday and bought a bit too much food. So I had to use up anything fresh, open cans and any other opened goods. I gave my bananas to a friend of mine who was really happy about the free food. When I got hungry at around 10:30 I had a decision to make. I could either make my beloved porridge or use up my food. So I made soup for brunch. It was delicious and really filling!

Took the tram to uni at 1. First class was spanish and I almost fell asleep several times. Learning spanish at university is way harder than in school. no shit. Gonna have to somehow get all the vocab into ma head. Gonna take some of my stuff home so I can study. I’m such a good student wtf.

The second lecture was the worst. I mean the prof is so cool and really good but the topic?! I don’t care about none of that. Won’t even bother trying to explain what the topic was. soz. I’m sure you were just dying to know.

When I got home I was hella hungry but it turned out that I forgot one part of the paper, so I worked on that first. (wtf since when do i do responsible shit like that) #personalgrowth

Then I continued using up things: bell pepper, carrots, more leek and eggs. I made egg fried rice with veggies and soy sauce. It was delish. Now I will watch the last episode of la casa de papel, then I will pack my stuff and then I will sleep. Prolly smarter to first pack then watch Netflix. Adios.

Enjoy the journey, my food went through today.

Disfruta el viaje, mi comida pasó por hoy.


the journey of my last instant coffee I bought on Bali that expires october 2018 ❤🤤😭

soup in da making

the sky on my way to Uni vs. on my way back home

last step of using up food that I would have had to throw away

#contiouslivingbitachrighthere 👩‍🍳🙋‍♀️


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