trick or treat, witches

Because it’s a national holiday (it actually is in Germany, I’m not calling Halloween a holiday) and I obviously woke up at 6 because I get stressed out unconsciously, which makes me wake up and start making to do lists. And then I can’t go back to sleep cause I’m kinda shaking, which is probably neither good for physical nor mental health. But what can you do. Anyway I’m up and I’m making caramelized bananas now.

8:45 to 4:15. I studied non stop (I had one 20 minute friends/lunch break). I had to work on my Computer most the time so every single bone in my hands hurts. The first 4 hours were en espanol. The last 4 hours just german. Now I get ready and make pizzas. I obviously ate way too much for lunch because I’m an idiot so I’m not hungry at all. Well stood at the wrong bus stop, missed the bus and now I have to wait n the cold for 30 minutes.

Now, on Valentine’s day I’ve tought all you losers how to properly spent, well, Valentine’s day. The answer back then was beer, football, pub, friend(s). doing valentine’s day right:

On St Patrick’s day I sorta tried to teach y’all how to celebrate, which kinda failed. But me being drunk AF (capital A capital F) is just me showing how it’s done and setting a great example. ootding

Today is another one of those days created by society, forcing you to go out, do something special, dress up (in a slightly different way than in February). Today is Halloween and by now I feel like my job is to show you how to celebrate it with tomato sauce as fake blood, garlic as fangs and cheese as pus. You’re welcome for that lovely picture in your head and me ruining cheese forever. We’re making pizzas!

The recipe we’re using is from a v famous German children’s book called ”Conni backt Pizza”. I made pizzas using that exact recipe ever since I was in kindergarten. I remember exactly cause we made them for one of my birthdays. My parents spoiled the pizza making surprise when my mom whispered into my dad’s ear, thinking I wouldn’t hear it. I did. I told everyone at the party. Loool. That’s one of my childhood memories, and it involves pizza. I made them before during the blogging times. July 13, 2016: tiny pizzas & dough 🤑💵💸💰

Looook!!! I tell the kindergarten story here too! Looool 🤣🤣🤣🍕

The journey to my friend’s house was an absolute nightmare. Very Halloween themed. First I went to a bus stop far away from my house, then I took the tram for one station. Was at the wrong station, missed the bus, had to wait 30 minutes in the cold and dark.

So yeah we made pizza, don’t really know what else to say, so I’ll ramble. We had tomato sauce, dough made from scratch, bell pepper, mushroom, olives, mozzarella cheese, pineapple and sweet corn. They were delish 10/10 recommend.

After shoving hot pizzas and calzones in our face for a while we decided to meet some other people at a theatre right in my neighborhood. Very convenient, so I was up for that. The movie theatre was in the back of a bar/ restaurant that used to be a printing house, very alternative. There were some old wooden chairs lined up in front of a screen and the movie that was a documentary from 1991 was blasting through the speakers. Loved it. We watched a movie called ”straßburg – windhoek” that’s about kids who were deported to the GDR, so east Germany during the war in Namibia. They lived there without their parents, and the movie showed them returning to Africa to meet their parens again after many years. Some kids parent’s had passed away during the war so they now live in an orphanage but some said that they would have prefered staying in Germany. We missed the beginning part and I don’t have any knowledge about Namibian history. But still a very good film. Wanna go to more little alternative, theatres like that.

And that, Ladies and Gents, is how you do Halloween! 🎃


looked like dis when I woke up which put me in a well good mood. too bad I didn’t leave the house until it was dark out.





this is what I looked at for 4 hours



20 minute break



v halloween-y poster I found on the ground.



neues schauspiel



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