bean juice

Breakfast was the usual. Finally absolutely delicious again no pumpkin fucking up my streak of perfect porridges. Just me , cinnamon, apples and oats stirred to perfection in water. Aaand en espanol:

El desayuno era lo normal. Finalmente, absolutamente delicioso otra vez. No hay calabaza arruinando mi gachas de avena perfecta. Solo yo, canela, manzanas y avena agitados a la perfección en agua.

Aaaalllrighty. Done for the day. Made it from 7 to 7 with inly 1 cup of coffee. One. I really enjoyed today actually, I’m into most of the topics we discuss in class. Except for one class that sucks but the reason is the asshole of a prof. So I ran (rode me bike) from one class to the next from 7 to 3. I even packed lunch so I wouldn’t have to spend money on food. I’m so responsible, grown up and mature.

Ya ate it before 9am, bought pasta at the cafeteria at 3 and then bought cookies at 4. Didn’t take the tram home tho cause on Tuesday I have my last class with a girl who lives really close so we drive home together which is fun.

Had free period in between and I didn’t study cause 1 cup of coffee and I was dying but wasn’t going to spend any more money on bean juice. 8pm; I’m home now wrapped in all the blankets, drinking winter berry tea (like the good ol’ granny I am), watching the last episode of money heist *sob*.

Tomorrow is a national holiday, so no Uni, but I’ve got stuff to do and things to understand soo. In the evening I’m going to a friend’s house and we’re making pizzzza. Btw, when watching money heist, I can totally understand by the dialect whether the actor is from Madrid or not. Believe me I keep checking the imdb pages. Thx spanish people in Brighton for this special gift.

Eso es todo. Adios.

(after how many spanish classes do you think I can run this blog en espanol?)

Don’t even care about hashtags nobody’s reading this anyway, think I can start complaining (not that I ever stopped) again soon.

Don’t look up bean juice on urban dictionary btw. I mean coffee!!

l’ootd et waiting pendant le free period
almuerzo de sueños
mirror selfie in the bathroom I had to go to 15 times cause my nose was running like usain bolt

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