cuz mondays suck

The caption isn’t even that true but that’s what Friday said.

I thought I might go to a spanish course this noon but I’ve already had about 2.7 anxiety attacks about how much work I still have to do that’s due tomorrow that I don’t think I have the time. I guess I will be stuck at my desk, sorting words into classes (don’t even quite get it in German don’t expect me to know the vocab in English).

Am I procrasnating THE HELL out of studying bc it’s so much and I hate reallzing how dumb I am over and over again? You bet your ass I am. What am I doing instead? I’m going through all the photos on here and setting up a theme page. Yei me.

EXACTLY 7 hours later and I finished studying. It takes me 3 times as long to write this now and you wouldn’t believe how many spelling mistakes I’m making. I studied from 11:11 (I remember exaclty cause it was 11:11) and now it’s 6:11. I got up once to ride ma bike to the copy shop cause reading from my laptop sucks and I can’t highlight stuff. Took me 3 hours to understand a 90 minute lecture. But I finished everything except for one point on my todo list. Now I must eat.

Btw it’s so freezing cold and grey and rainy outside. Hate it. Good thing I was looking at my books, they are less sad. I love the moment when something you thought was hopeless finally makes sence. I feel like a fucking genius every time. 💡

I had pumpkin porridge for breakfast today as you may have seen in the other post.

I will make some sort of 2 minute (tops) dinner now, change into an oversized tshirt and return to watching la casa de papel en espanol (with a wavy n). I can’t believe I put on actual clothes today. For what? So I could breath in all day in them skinny jeans.

Turned out to be about 15 minutes, which I’m still okay with. New nail color, not hungry and money heist is on. Pretty good end to the weekend. Tomorrow at 7 I’ve got uni.

I’m v thankful for that extra hour we got.


”cause Mondays suck – Friday”


don’t forget to take off your fave jumper while cooking tomato sauce!!



would you look at him. spanish humans are pwetty. Also I knew ”que guapo” without having to use google translate. (I know the important stuff). So: que guapo y adios.

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