stu(dent) dying

I am full on sick now. I can’t sleep or breath. Have a headache and an either running or blocked nose. Am tired but can’t sleep and I am coughing myself awake at 3 am. Thanks for your pity. This is what I did yesterday:

I woke up way to early for my liking but that’s just what happens. Thing it was like 7 or something. Was not hungry like what so ever which sucks cause I love food. So I made coffee and tea and watched the casa show. Luv itty!! At like 11 I got out uni stuff because as I had mentioned previously I’m stupid. At 12 i funally got hungry and had my porridge. I watched half an episode. Can you believe I managed to do that? Only watch half?!?! Anyway I then returned to semantic, syntactic and morphological criteria (I think) (I just wrote the german word and autocorrect created that). At half 4 my fired arrived which put the studying to an end and the weekend began. We went into second hand shops, luckily didn’t find anything but it was great fun. We’re thinking about going to Prague during the winter time. Then we found a bakery that sells cake for 1.50 so we got Apple crumble and plum cake and went to my flat. She left at 7 and I had an apple and a banana which was delicious. Watched some casa and went to bed.

Woke up at 3 because I couldn’t breath and was coughing as if I was dying. So yeah the next 2 hours were fun and filled with running to the toilet to get more tissues, coughing (obv), Instagram, calling my sister to get some pity and then listening to a story on Spotify called Benjamin Blümchen that I used to listen to on cassette when I was younger. I finally fell asleep listening to that.

Now it’s 9 and I’m up again, feeling absolutely disgusting and horrendous. I’m not hungry which is a bad start and I have to go grocery shopping, clean and start working on a project about different reading techniques. Fun. Also have to plan tomorrow brekkie. Fun (no irony).




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