netflix and ill

How many illness captions can I come with? We’ll see. This is what we’ve got so far:

Here’s a list of all the times I’ve suffered miserably. Have fun reading those back. I genuinely like reading post from a while ago, (some) always put me in a great mood -others not so much.

yes hello. I’m in a very autumnal/ halloween-y mood today so the filters and edits are on, muchachos. Y’all already know that I woke up at 4 if I recall that part of the day correctly. Woke up again at like half 8, made breakfast and watched Netflix. How impressed are you with my video editing skills btw? Do you see the bats?! 🦇

Also, I haven’t had a bad porridge in over 6 months and I know it’s not the hardest of dishes to make, but mine are always perfect. Creamy, not too liquid-y, warm enough to be eaten immediately, not too hot to burn my mouth. Decorated to perfection, never boring. Always an explosion of flavors, never blunt. Think I should get some kind of award for that.

This is my newest porridge obsession: mashed banana and cinnamon.

  • cut banana in 2
  • ¼: to the side (for topping)
  • ¾: mash in pot with fork
  • + 40g of rolled oats
  • + ½ tbs cinnamon
  • + water (not too much you can always add more!)
  • stir
  • stir
  • add water
  • stir until it looks like it’s going to boil
  • take off heat, cover, let sit for 3 minutes

Then I went grocery shopping… for 90 minutes. I just couldn’t decide what I wanted and I’m always on the hunt for sales and discounts. Spent about 20 Euros which is quite a lot for a weekly shop but I had to stock up on stupid, annoying stuff like soap, oats and pasta.

Oh and I finally managed to get pumpkin spice!! Best day everrrr. Watch me while I turn into a basic biatch. Well it’s not called pumpkin spice, but the spices match the pumpkin spice 80%, which is good enough for me. That also means I’m only 80% basic.

I got Oktoberfest themed pasta so guess who’s got 2 thumbs and is eating pasta in form of pints and pretzels from now on? 👍👱‍♀️👍 this girl!! (me)

Also got me some 50 cent cough drops that are surprisingly delicious (and prolly so unhealthy). They go liquidy like honey after a while. Big fan.

Wooooah. Just looked at the time and it’s almost 5. I looked outside and it’s getting dark and I wanted to be like ”it’s like 3pm and it’s almost dark outside, fall is weird.” But it’s actually 5 so not that weird. I did talk to my sister again for a while and had lunch after getting back from the shop so I didn’t do nothing (does that make sense?). I mean I did stuff.

Dinner was delicious once again.

  • onion and garlic and oil in pan
  • add mushrooms
  • put aside add kidney beans and salt
  • put bell pepper in pan
  • add mushrooms and kidneybeans back into pan
  • cook mie noodles while letting the veggies simmer in pan
  • add noodles to pan
  • pour soy sauce on top
  • stir

Just finished season one of money heist. Luuuv it. Gonna change into my PJs, make newely purchased winter tea and start season 2. Adios.




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