pile, pour, pile

Yikes forgot about this. But I have a plausible reason. I’ve been dying all day long. It just kept going downhill and now I lost my voice. But one goid thing happened, after being embarrassed in front of the whole class, I can kinda sorta roll the r now. Rrrrrr.

Was at uni from 12 to 7. While I was waiting for my friends to get to the cafeteria a man came up to me asking if I wanted to play rock paper scissors. I was like why?!

  • I wanna see who wins, we’ll play 3 times
  • No thanks
  • You wanna play for something
  • No I don’t wanna play at all
  • K bye

I’m still so fucking confused.

At 12 I had a plate that I piled a giant portion of pasta on. On top of that I poured sauce. Onto that I piled cheese. Didn’t have breakfast because for 1.90€ you get as much Pasta as you can fit on that plate. then I had Spanish then 2 hours free period. Was gonna get Wi-Fi for my notebook but was 16 minutes late. So we ended up at the bakery, spending money ofc. Then I had German. Most unnecessary 2 hours of my life. Also took the tram today not my bike cause I’m sick. Thanks for listening.

RB Leipzig played against Celtic today. Think RB won. So there were maaany drunk scotish people in the streets.

Also had a very aesthetic dinner which consisted of a bread I made this morning in case is get hungry during the day, and 2 more slices because it was delicious somehow.

Then I watched the new Riverdale episode. 2/10. And some more casa we papel. 8.5/10.

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