hello sickness my old friend


I’m sick again. I have a cold, a headache and a sore throat thanks to this miserable weather and the freezing cold wind. I haven’t felt great this morning, but took my bike to uni anyway. How proud?

Took 59 pictures of pages of some book because scanning the pages costs money?! Wut. Than I had the most confusing, complicated and quarter life crisis initiating class ever and basically gave up half way through. It made my headache 7 times worse. Then I had the most unnecessary, boring and quarter life crisis initiating class. Was home by half 3. Hate this weather. I always get a wet bum cause the seat on the bike is wet from the rain. Only have one class tomorrow at 1 but I’m meeting my friends at 12 to get lunch at the cafeteria.

That’s a lie, I have another class from 5pm-7. Fml.

Obviously bought lunch at uni because I’m an irresponsible “”adult”” that can’t manage to bring food from home. Had apples as a snack and now I made rice with tomato sauce and kidney beans. It was delishhh. I’m so tired. And I’m wearing all the layers. It’s called fashion honey look it up.

Haven’t done anything else for uni I just sat and watched Riverdale. Have I mentioned that I’m sick? I’m sick.

Gonna continue watching Riverdale mixed with some “panic” attacks, every few minutes, that result in me getting out uni stuff, looking at it, and then putting it away 4 minutes later.

Btw, I’m sick.

Just a lil edit. I started watching the money heist casa de pa something haus des geldes whatever you wanna call it. New favourite thing ever. This is so bad. Netflix is ruining everyone’s future.



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