bullet points


ummmm yes, Saturday night: fireworks


Sunday morning: breakfast

  • Writing and editing the Sunday series blog post for a couple of hours.
  • Watching Elite en español (w/ subtitles en ingles), hoping they’ll teach me how to rrrr.
  • Eating ovomaltine, straight from the jar with a tablespoon!
  • Regretting that decision immediately because I would be meeting a friend for dinner later.
  • Feeling sick (obviously).
  • Getting ready to go.
  • Hans im Glück
  • Getting a Raspberry mojito and THE BEST salad everrr (it had a parmesan dressing)
  • Taking the Tram to my place
  • Getting a cheap bottle of white wine from the kiosk
  • Going out again to the bus stop
  • Meeting 3 guys, smoking weed at a corner
  • 1 ”between jobs”, 1 med student from Qatar, 1 from Jamaica drinking Rum from a lemonade bottle (what a combo)
  • they turned out to be fun, so talked to them for a bit
  • going home
  • sleep


  • waking up at 6
  • no Uni
  • terrible headache
  • breakfast
  • cleaning the entire flat
  • was planning on going to the cafe to ask if they would like to employ me, might not do that cuz ma head you know. Might do that because I want money and it’s only 10 and all I have left to do is read up on some stuff for Uni cause tomorrow is my 7-7 o’clock day and I haven’t read the 50 pages for Wednesday yet.
  • didn’t leave the house (or my bed for that matter)
  • watched Riverdale season 1 that’s how bored I am
  • ate what was supposed to be my dinner at 3pm
  • drank chai latte which is the actual best thing on planet earth
  • STUDIED!! Well I drew a map of north ad south america and wrote some facts next to it, but that was the assignment
  • don’t have much food at the house even tho I did my weekly shop on Saturday so I’m not too sure what I’m gonna have as ”2nd” dinner now

Do I choose a picture of my porridge, of my lunch or of myself as header? Those are decisions I never thought I’d have to make. But you don’t choose the blogger life, the blogger life chooses you. Cringe. Gonna sleep now #6:58 pm. I mean after eating obviously?!

my breakfast it is.





that’s all byeeeee.

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