”veggie burger”

Iya. Saw my doggies (and parents) today!! Showed them my apartment, and I purposefully didn’t have breakfast because I kinda knew that we were gonna go to a restaurant. We went to the one it all started at. Kaiserbad, the place I had my first ever lunch at in Leipzig. Back then I said how badly I want to live in this neighborhood. Well, guess what, I now live in that neighborhood. That was on August 19th btw.


Pretty sure the veggie burger I ordered today had meat in it but it may have been veggie so I didn’t want to complain. But I’m pretty sure it was chicken which kinda makes me wanna throw up. The lemonade was good tho, and the fries were fried to perfection. 5/10.

Looking at the big ass picture I chose as header now I’m 99.9% sure that’s chicken. I’m gonna cry. Didn’t even taste good fml.

After that we drove into town (by car!!) so I could show my parents where I study. Pretty sure the dogs had panic attacks every 3.6 seconds because they are tiny and only see feet and there were plenty of those on a Saturday afternoon in the centre of a big city. Then we went grocery shopping, my dad paid. So we finally have toppings for my porridge again. You’ll see on Monday cause tomorrow we go big cause it’s Sunday! I’m exited.

Then we went to my new fave cafe ‘oink’. I had a coffee and a lemon cake. Delishhh. Good thing I didn’t have breakfast. My parents left now, it’s 8pm. I just set up my smaller laptop so I can take that one to Uni. It doesn’t have many features, not even the necessary ones like Microsoft office, but I reckon it’ll still be more useful than my phone. We’ll see.

Don’t think I’ll be going out tonight. I’m tired. Plus I didn’t ask anyone to come with me and I ain’t going’ alone. Byyye.


raspberry, rhubarb, lemonade

”veggie burger”, ”veggie burger”, ”veggie burger”

d, b, d

looking v rough, kaiserbad, flowers


aftermath, oink, cake

oranges, toppings, fairy lights


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