productive and dirty

I feel like university is there to remind me of how stupid I am. I did just study 3.5 hours (on a friday, on my no uni day) which I feel is way too long for the first week. I don’t know how I’m going to top that tbh. I feel like a 70-year-old. All my brain cells are dead. I was so fucking productive today tho. You wouldn’t believe it.

First thing I did when I woke up, was going through all my folders and notes, writing down my assignments for next week, along with another to do list of errands that have to be run. Then I had breakfast even tho I felt sick from all the chocolate, it was worse than a hangover. One thing I didn’t do was take a shower but I don’t count that as being productive. I count that as being hygienic. But I decided on the combination productive and dirty for today. Then I went to print some stuff I need for next week. 5 cents for a copy. Is that a lot?

I got nail polish in the process of running errands which I kinda hate myself for cause like why?!

Also bought a ton of school supplies like folders and highlighters in all the colors.

When I got home I wasn’t hungry, so what do I do in situations like that? Eat. A lot. So I had my last slice of bread with vegan butter, tomato sauce, salt, pepper, garlic pepper and cheese. Also half a pepper. The other half I had with *copy, paste* vegan butter, tomato sauce, salt, pepper, garlic pepper and cheese. Was actually kinda grim. But I ate it all because I’ve got problems.

At 3pm was when the studying started at 6:28 was when it ended. I only got through 2 subjects and I still don’t speak spanish fluently even tho I said the alphabet at least 8 times yesterday!!

I will probably eat soon because I’m so not hungry. That’s all. Bye.

Also found post from a girl with a veeeery similar name (first and last!!), who apparently lives in the same building, in my mailbox. I was so confused when I got a postcard from a certain Joshua from Greece. Oh wanted to tell another story but I forgot, oh well. You’ll never know.

Ah yes. When you’re a student you get the whole microsoft office thing for free so watch me while I power point and excel my way to a Bachelor degree. Who are we kidding I meant PhD.

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