they see me rolling (the r)

Not too much to say. How happy are you about that now? Went to the cafeteria with some girls for lunch and had the BEST vegan vegetable thing with bread. Then I had uni. I can now say el alfabeto en espanol, kinda, not really. How does one roll the r? Help.

Afterwards me and a friend went to get coffee. Then we walked around town looking for school supplies, what did I end up buying? Chai latte and white chocolate snickers. Oh yeah, no school supplies. I was home at half 7, not hungry at all cause I had one of the snickers bars. What do I do? I eat 3 slices of bread with the nutella stuff and then I keep eating it right from the jar, with a spoon. Wtf?!

So yeah that was my day. Gonna watch riverdale now. Don’t have Uni tomorrow, but I keep realizing that I’m actually dumb af so I have stuff to catch up on, worksheets to print, pages (so many pages ­čśź) to read and Rs to roll. Oh and I’ll probably go buy some stuff like folders. Adios.

Also, when I was in spanish class I kept translating from spanish to english. So now my notes are in spanish and english. My brain is too confused for all the languages. lol.

I feel sick from all the chocolate. Don’t spoon up (that’s what google transate told me to call that action) jars of chocolate spread. But if you do so, choose one without palm oil pls.

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