midnight ramble

Don’t even bother reading this I didn’t even wanna read it again to spell check. Maybe look at the pictures but there wildly uninteresting as well.

Technically it’s still the 15th but today’s post is up and it’s 11:37pm. I can’t sleep and my alarm goes in 6 hours. I’m incredibly tired and my eyes hurt but I’ve tried putting down my phone several times and I just can’t sleep, believe me I’ve been trying for like 3 hours now. I’m gonna be so fucking tired tomorrow. I’m really exited tho cause tomorrow 7am I have my first Spanish class so watch me while I hola at everyone tomorrow. I am a hola back girl. Loool. Anyway this seems to work quite well, I’m boring myself enough to get tired. Interesting, gonna remember that. Prolly won’t remember writing any if this tomorrow.

Also, my neighbour who(m?) I have never seen before and only know exists because his 4 pairs of shoes in front of his door change sometimes, has female company right now. There were also a couple of drunk dudes singing german folks music in front of my window. Not very Romeo And Juliet. It sounded awful.

Every time I get so tired that my eyes close I think of something and get exited or start over thinking or plan conversations with people I never talk to. Just found out after millions of blurry and dark club selfies, that my front camera has a flash. I just wanted to capture the moment and hope you can see my fatigue.

Tomorrow morning when I have to leave the house it’s still going to be dark outside. I’m also very hungry which might be the reason (besides over thinking) that I can’t sleep. But I had 2 portions for dinner so that’s weird.

Looks like my head isn’t even attached to my neck. What’s happening? It’s strangely comfortable tho. 300 words exactly. Gonna go back to scrolling Instagram now hope I’ll sleep soon. I don’t want to be moody tomorrow.


Okay well I just ate 3 bowls of banana and yoghurt and oats and milk and muesli and now I don’t feel so good. It’s 1am. I’m still not tired. But exhausted at the same time. I’m shaking. Only watched like 5 minutes of Riverdale and then returned to Instagram. I don’t know where my first class tomorrow takes place. It usually says it on the internet and it does… for every class except for the one at 7. Très confused.

Fucks saaaake. It’s 5:33. I feel sick from all the garbage I ate and I’m soooo tired. Enrolling for this 7 am class was not da best idea.

Already looking up opening times for the cafeteria because my life basically evolves around food. That’s how I plan my days. Gonna check the menu now, even tho I don’t even have time to go there. My 9am class starts the next week so I have a 2 hour break right in between and idk what to do. Eat probably. Gonna finish ma coffee, get ready and then get ma lil bike to uni. Finally figured out how to turn on the lights!!

As expected, I don’t remember much of what I wrote. I just got back from uni. I’m exhausted. I also feel sick but at the same time I’m hungry. Btw class this morning starts at 7:30 not at 7! Love my spanish profs. One of them is from Spain (I think) maybe america. I learned that people not just speak spanish in south america, but also in central and north america bc Mejico (yes j.) is part of north america. jeeeez. My brain is mush this is gonna be pure garbage. The other prof is funny. Very exited about the spanish classes, not so much about the german cause I don’t understand, which is a problem cause it’s my more important subject and it’s in german.

While I had the 2 free hours, I got food (obviously) and then walked around town for a little while. I went to a book shop and found a ton of english books I now want to own. It’s 4:30 and I just got the presentation topic I picked, what a great day. I now get to tell people about particle verbs on the 8th of January. Wish me luck. Gonna return to watching Riverdale, while drinking chamomille tea (for the tummy) now.


scary ass way to uni


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