livin la vida (loca) de estudiante

Uni only starts at 11 which is a bad time for me because you can pick up a goodie bag at that time, but at a different building. Uni ends at 3 today which is a bad time because there’s a welcome “party” at that time, but at a different building.

My parents (and dogs) are coming to visit on the weekend. I’ll finally have a broom.

My classes at uni always fall right into lunch time which I’m not a fan of.

Okkkk. 2 litres of coffee later and here we are, fresh and clean. Gonna watch 1 more episode and then I’ll go.

Today was such a fun day Probably one of my favourites since being here. So. I went to uni and had a seminar about linguistic (or something) which was complicated cause I’m dumb but the teacher is really nice and reminds me of the Mr. Moon’s old ass secretary in the movie sing.

After that we heard that they were still giving out goodie bags. This time with ovomaltine (crunchy nutelly aka da So we had 30 to go to campus, queue, get the back and go back to classes. We made it with 7 minutes spare.

Next class was learning how to quote. Fun. Homework is reading 50 pages. Fml. Next ke and 2 girls from class went to the cafe cause we were starving and didn’t understand the whole intranet thing. Still not 100% sure. Food is so nice and cheap there.

Then me and one of the girls went to the park because the weather was beaut. We tried the beer that was in the bag as well. It was delish. After that we heard that they were handing out free beer at the club I went to on Saturday so obviuosly that’s where we went. No beer when we got there but I met another friend. We went to the club anyway because we heard that they had bread for free and that’s what you do as a student. Plus I had the ovomaltine in my bag so that was convenient. And soooo delicious.

Then we were still kinda hungry and the cafeteria was still open. So we went and shoved all the pasta we could fit on 1 plate. Paid 1,9€ and ate. Genius idea.

Lastly we took our bikes and rode down the pub street to find beer. We got a radler and sat on the steps of a closed shop. After a while we went back to our bikes, rode to the next shop, got another drink and sat on the window sill of another closed shop. At like 9:30 I took the tram home cause I’m a lazy piece of ass. Even cleaned up the flat a little and now I’m gonna sleep.


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