So my day began at 2, 5 and 8am. Idk why I couldn’t sleep. It’s now 12:30 and time just will not pass. I’m so bored and don’t the weather is still good and I’m going to a cafe later today but there sure are clouds and it’s not as warm. I gotta buy a fall/ winter coat so I’m gonna scroll asos later. My friend from Barcelona is gonna come visit me whoop!!! Don’t know any details yet cause we were waiting for me to know my schedule but now she can check flights.

K. It’s already way past my bedtime aka 7:45 pm but in my defence, classes start tomorrow at 7. Yes 7am!!! Which means I have to get up at 5:30. Which is way before my get up time. So let’s get this over with quick so I can go back to my newest addiction. Riverdale. I watched the first season when it came out, loved it. Started watching the second one, wasn’t a fan stopped watching. A few days ago I watched the first episode of the new season, kinda liked it and now I wanna know what happened. So that was some unnecessary information. You’re welcome.

Dinner was absolutely delicious. I can almost open my own restaurant. I just gotta learn how to chop vegetables like a chef, you know really quickly without chopping off my fingers.

For breakfast

I made porridge, topped with cinnamon, banana, muesli, almonds and agave syrup.

For lunch

I had 2 slices of bread. One with avo, bean sprouts, salt, pepper and paprika ( I didn’t have any lime or lemon but I think that would make it even better). One half with brie cheese and dried basil the other half with vegan butter and garlic pepper.

Okay nvm I’m not going outside. The girl I initially wanted to meet for coffee just bailed, the sky is grey and I’m in a bad mood. So I guess there are only gonna be pictures of food today.

For dinner

I stood in the kitchen for longer than anticipated. I was incredibly hungry and it took longer than I would have liked but I didn’t have a recipe so you never know. I made asian inspired food again because china basically threw up in my fridge and now I have to use it all before it expires. So. Rice + carrots + bean sprouts + soy sauce +agave syrup + flour + garlic pepper + tempeh = dinner. Figure out how to combine them yourself, I managed to do so as well plus I had to come up with the ingredients.

lil extra of what happened during the most boring monday

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