mie, myself and i

Tooth hurty. I made it home. When I wake up there are gonna be details.

Or not. I’m just too tired. All you need to know us that it sucked, I paid 4 (that’s 2 pizzas!) bucks and was home late.

This reoccurring good weather situation puts me in the best mood and I can already see myself crying next week, cause it’s supposed to rain and get cold. Aka it’s gonna be season appropriate weather so I shouldn’t cry but like.

Well you saw what I was working on all morning. Then I had some natural yoghurt and a banana for lunch before heading out the door. It was the most beautiful weather. I took my bike and went along the water into the opposite direction of where I’m usually going. Everyone was in the best mood and everything was so calm. I ended up.sitting on a flight of stairs right next to the water, reading the alchemist. I was back home at 5 and just laid in bed until I got hungry. I made food inspired from Bali today. That means tempeh, bean sprouts and mie. I made it from scratch so there is no recipe but here are the pictures I took in the process, along with other pictures I took today. It’s now 8:30 exactly, I’m in bed in my PJs. Gonna scroll some insta and Pinterest now and then I’m gonna sleep. Tomorrow I still have a day off so uni officially starts on Tuesday!

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