You know it’s gonna be a good day when:

  • you wake up at 9:30 because the sun is shining in you face
  • the trees are orange but it’s weather like in the summer
  • you drink coffee from a flower mug
  • you’ve got fresh fruit on your oats

Gonna get ready now and then I’ll head into town.

Walked around town for a little while and found an Asian grocery shop. They had so much food that I used to eat on Bali (they had bintang!! I know where I’m getting my beer from now on!!!). Gonna cook up a storm today (or tomorrow).

Okay at a cute lil cafe now right around the corner of my house. It’s called oink. It’s right next to the water. I love it.

This random woman just sat down right next to me on my table. Wth. I’m so confused.

Went home to finally put the tempeh and bean sprouts in the fridge. I think they may have been suffering a little. 2 minutes later I was on my bike again cause I decided to go full on Indonesian and to do that I needed more stuff. It’s all in the cupboard, well under my sink, already and I’m too lazy to check what it’s all called, bt you’ll see. Took me ages to find everything and I had to go into 2 shops. Also bought loads of stuff I didn’t actually need, obv.

Then I had lunch. Sunflower seed bread.

On the left we have

  • mashed avo
  • salt& pepper
  • paprika

On the right we have

  • brie cheese
  • pepper
  • ground basil

In the top left corner we have

  • tomato soup
  • croutons

In the top right corner we have

  • tap water

Think I’m going to a club tonight. Am I tired already? Yup. Do I say this every time before going out and then it’s fun? Yup.

Already made plans for tomorrow’s brekkie (remember?). https://ktk80.com/2018/10/07/autumn-overload/

If even making pasta isn’t a quick enough meal for you here’s the solution: mie. Takes 4 minutes, pour some soy sauce over it. Done. You’re welcome.

Probably gonna meet some friends now not 100% sure cause my friend doesn’t text back. So I might be in bed by 9 or 2. Who knows.

”for engagement ring 💍” 🐴

autumn necessities

oink inside

oink outside



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