hell to the yeah

Don’t even read the next bit, just scroll down and look at my dinner. Devoured the whole thing within approx 4 minutes. 

Woke up to a nice sunrise. Laid in bed for some more. I didn’t have a headache which was nice. When I started getting hungry cause I only ate junk food yesterday I got up and made the usual. I started watching YouTube and looking at some recipes on pinterest cause I didn’t wanna go grocery shopping. To then further procrastinate having to go to the grocery shop I started cleaning. And that turned into a 3 hour session of me scrubbing floors on my knees cause I don’t own a mob, me doing the laundry in my shower cause I don’t own a washing machine and me cleaning every inch of my 13m² with a paper towel cause I don’t own a duster. I was listening to the soundtrack of les choristes while doing so, never been so calm. Legit had the time of my life.

Then I went out to go to the campus tour, and immediately started sweating. This autumn is just is not real. It’s warmer than it was during the summer. Saw the inside of some libraries again. It has been a while. Afterwards we went to a cafe but the people who went were boring, so I left early.  Enjoyed the ride home a lot. The sun was out and my way home is through a park and along water. I thought I was gonna go to a cafe bc the weather was so nice you know. Sit outside for a little while, drink some coffee, I even packed my favorite book. Ya. Didn’t happen.

I was too hungry. So I finally went grocery shopping after having 3 carrots for lunch cause there was nothing left in my fridge. Spent 14 euros eyooo. Should be enough for next week cause I will probably be going to the cafeteria a few times. Then it took me ages to decide on what to make. I scrolled pinterest and leafed through cookbooks, but I coudln’t find anything good enough. 90 minutes after getting home I finally had dinner. I made it from scratch. I ate the whole entire thing. It’s almost half 9 now and I gotta say, I’m still hungry. Didn’t buy any snacks cause I’m all about that #healthylife (lol) so I might snack on a bell pepper. Might not we’ll see. This is going up now, so you’ll never know.


broccoli ✅

pasta ✅


butterrrr up ✅


cooked and steaming ✅



put in (pizza) oven until cheese is melted ✅

eat ✅

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