5 star chef

I am just so unmotivated to go out today. OOOH! I got into spanish at uni! And that means I finally know my schdule for this semester. I only have classes on Tuesday to Thursady. My prof’s name is caballo or something which already has me exited af. Obviuosly woke up at 6 again even tho I only have plans tonight at 8. Not 100% sure if I’ll go or not. I mean I can always leave, but I have to leave the house first you know. We’ll see we’ll see. I also thought I might go to a cafe in the afternoon (now) but I a) don’t wanna spend money and b) don’t wanna. But I’ve got 5 hours until I have to be at uni so might take a nap and then go out. Have I been snacking on disgusting candy? Yes. Have I left the house? No. Did I have a giant list of errands I was planning on crossing off? Yes. Have I done any of it? No.

That’s basically the rundown of my day.

So I went and it was good obviously. Glad I did. I met some nice people. We went to 2 bars and then a club. Note to self: elsterartig and hundertwasser are great places (to eat at). Had a beer and Cuba librrre. Was home at like 1. Spanish guy was the lucky chosen one who got to entertain me on the way back :).




cumin, dried basil, paprika, sunflower oil







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