what season is it?

Umm. How is this october? something went wrong there. I was sweating in a tshirt today. I sat in the parc in the shade! We have a clear blue sky, sunshine and 23C. I mean I obviously sitting inside cause I got no lyf. But from what I can see through the window I wouldn’t think it’s October!!

Started drinking my coffee very, very dark brown because I’m too lazy to go grocery shopping, so I’m trying to save milk. But #lifeasanaddict. I have to drink coffee. Also got a muffin at uni today, which I’m now enjoying at my flat, with the blinds down cause there’s sun outside. How sad am I?

Went to the cafeteria again today for lunch. It’s legit so delicious why are other places so overpriced?! Had mashed potatoes, carrots and a puff pastry filled with spinach and Shepard’s cheese. And of course, a smoothie. All under 5 bucks. Nothing else planned for today I think. Already changed into my pants that are ripped, way too big and comfortable.

I just discovered that you can insert audio so get ready for a lot of that. Sorry not sorry.

How much did I eat just now? About 3 days worth of food. Now I have to go grocery shopping tomrrow. yikes. I wasn’t even hungry but I bought garlic pepper yesterday and put some on a slice of bread. It was so delicious that I had 4. And carrots because boredom. And all the sweets from the goody bag I got today. So now I’m in bed and can care breath let alone move. Nothing planned for tomorrow. Gonna take out my good ol’ camera and take pics. You’ll see ;). Don’t think I’ll do anything else today cause it’s half 9 and I’m in bed.


look at her rack and legs

i came up with that myself ­čśŐ­čĄş


12.4 seconds later

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