jägerbombs are back (finally)

Just got back from a house party and I had a lot of red bull (with jagermeister) which is the reason I’m writing this at 1am.

Woke up at 3, 5 and 7. Walked to the store. Got STUFF. Had an extremly slow morning. Was at uni by half 11. Created my schedule. Was overwhelmed by all the organizing that goes into doing so. Met a new girl who was equally confused. Created the schedule so my days off are monday and friday. Had lunch. Walked around the centre aimlessly. Found a farmers market. Spent money at an interior store. Had coffee. Went home. Ate. Chilled. Went into town again with my bike. Realized the lights don’t work. Was scared af cause I thought someone would run me over. Made it into town. Met with a friend. Had dinner. Went to the festival of lights. Met new people. Was bored. Bought alcohol. Ditched 50% of the people. Stayed with 5 girls I liked. Took the metro to my house for the first time. Showed the girls my flat. Went to a house party we got invited to. Had some more beer and jagermeister. Played beer pong. Walked home. Went to bed. Good night.




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