uni :/

this part is very unnecessary but I still wanted to write it down. The other part is very interesting and life changing as always.

Only woke up 10 minutes before my alarm so that was a good start to the day. I got up and the first thing I do is turn on the kettle cause it takes 10 minutes to boil water and I can get dressed and prepare the coffee and porrdige during that time. Then I add water to instant oats and coffee, wait 3 minutes during which I turn on my laptop. Today's choice of morning netflix: modern family. I watch 1 episode while eating and 1 while getting ready and cleaning up. After that I have 10 more minutes before I have to leave. It's all times to perfection. It then takes me 15 minutes to get to my building and about 20 minutes to the uni. Tadaa.

I get to campus and you can immidiately tell which of the people are students starting their first semester. I went inside and there were so many people. The first 2 talks were kinda boring and a) didn’t make me meet new people, b) didn’t teach me anything I coudln’t have easily look up on the internet and c) were long. After that I went back into the lobby, kinda overwhelmed cause there was nothing else scheduled for me for the day. Did not meet my expectations like what so ever. You always hear about programmed activities and beer pong and fun stuff. But nothing. So yeah. I then walked around aimlessly and randomly bumped into a nice girl. I spent lunch with her which put me in a better mood. She then had to go to another talk and I again, randomly bunped into my friend from home. We were standing at the same booth, where you can send a postcard for free and legit stood next to each other without noticing. We were both kinda bumped about how the first day was going so what do you do? Get cheap wine and drink on school property. We went to one last talk about studying abroad and then went to her house.

At 7 I was back home, had dinner and now I’m in bed. What a great start. ugh. Every faculty has meetings and programms like bbqs in the evening and my facult just didn’t plan anything. Kinda disappointed. Don’t even know the students I’ll study with. Don’t know what I expected.

Now it’s 8pm and I’m in bed. Woohoo partaaaay.

Gonna go see what’s ”the plan” for tomorrow.



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