bad karma continues

Yes another picture of a cup. Sue me.

This is what I woke up to. Beautiful innit? In the process of discovering this sunrise, I got too exited and broke my blinds. Obviously couldn’t go back to sleep after that, cause I broke my blinds and it was bright in my room, cause I broke my blinds.

I stayed in bed until half 8!! editing (you’ll see- I hope) and then moved on to making breakfast. Today: Porridge (who would have ever thought) with home-made apple sauce, cinnamon and almonds. Also Bali coffee, which is expiring this month and the main reason I’m crying. Mom, if you’re reading this I’m not actually crying but if I was, the reason would be that I’m running out of Bali coffee.

Prefered choice of supermarket: Penny. All that for 11 bucks. Look at all the ”just add water” stuff.


Just got back from my bike ride. I DIDN’T FALL!!

I went to Maison du monde which is a great alternative to ma fave, Oliver Bonas. Look at all the jazz no one needs!! I love it. Afterwards I tried to find another interior store, but when I got there, there was I flea market loaded with hipsters in front. I thought: ”nope”, and went back home. Gotta say, this city is beauts. Drove through so many parks (prolly just one, I had no clue where I was most the time) and along so many waters.

In the afternoon my friend from home, who studies here too came to visit. What a coinkydink.

Dinnerrrr. This might look like garbage to some of you. But I’m on a budget fam, you eat what you get (and are able to make within a 10 minute span).

Did I have a giant portion of muesli after that? Yes.

Just signed up for classes. oh goddddd. Here are the possible modules: anthropology, spanish, media something and culture something. Lucky for me none of those are in english – something. Something.

Here is what I think I’ll do tomorrow: Go to Starbucks and get a motherfluffin pumpkin spice latte. (Maybe, might go to a nice cafe. Anyway, there will be a picture of coffee in tomrrows post). Oh I’m making tomorrow a ”get your shit together, uni starts tomorrow” kinda day. You’ll see.


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