The day started with porridge and ended with me eating too much candy, as per usual. The middle part was different tho. Here’s what happened. Grab a juice box, make yourself comfortable and listen up.

Yesterday I saw on pinterest that the monumenta, a gallery thing, is only open a few more days and I really wanted to go. So that’s where I went today. But because someone (I bet it’s the ikea god) wants me dead, there were several obstacles I had to overcome first. So. Because I’m a student now my form of transportation is a shitty old bike I got for 30 bucks. Legit just paid 40 to get it fixed. I go on google maps and search home- monumenta. It’s like a 30 minute trip cause it’s basically on the other side of town. Me- a lazy piece of ass- looks up how long it would take if I took a bus or tram. 90 minutes. Ya no thank you. I obviously woke up before 7, cause who needs sleep? and the gallery opens at 12 so I sit (and eat) and sit some more. Oh it was a beautiful day outside btw. Blue skies and suns. At 11 I decide it’s late enough. Google tells me I’d arrive at 11:35, I think: okay, that’s fine I can wait there for 25 minutes. Ha!

So everything was fine and well, I already knew the first like 3 streets I had to take from when I drove into town a few weeks back. Then I made the first wrong turn. I think, doesn’t matter the weather is nice. JUst me being the positive person that I am. Second wrong turn. And so on. Just imagine me stopping every 14 meters to check my phone from now on. I pass the football stadium which I will hopefully visit soon. Go Rasenballsport Leipzig!! And just as I got used to driving on the street after passing through that beautiful park, it happened. I get launched into space, fly across my handlebars and glide across the cobble stone street. So yeah save to say my fave topshop pants are ripped. Bleeding knees and handlebars, that were now the facing the wrong direction, couldn’t bring me down, so I kept going.

Oh there was an accident where 2 cars crashed into each other. Like bad. And all I saw was a guy rolled into one of them silver n’ gold blankets and the police.

At 12:02 (!!!!!!) I finally make it to the gallery. Which is actually perfect, cause I was early enough that there were only 2 other people, and late enough to go i immediately. Don’t know what else to say. You’ll see the pictures.

I was back home at like 3, only took me like 35 minutes this time. Gotta say I really put my orientation skills to the test today.

Don’t think I saw a single street twice today. And I certainly didn’t take any of the streets google told me to take. Was home for like 2 minutes and headed out again because as I had mentioned before, the weather was beautiful. Went to a lil Cafe, got cake and coffee and read ma fave (one of the two books I read, the alchemist). Afterwards I went on to exploring ma neighborhood. Love it here.

Had 5 minuten tarine for dinner (and candy). Gonna watch les choristes now (IN FRENCH). Do I understand anything? Sometimes. I got subtitles on and pause every sentence that is longer than 3 words. What a wild Friday night. I stopped, my eyes (and 2 brain cells) aren’t quick enough.

say what now?


whoopsie daisy






Screenshot (106)

I just discovered that you can make wordpress proofread this shit. I am so sorry what what you have had to go through, reading this mess.

I did put a couple filters over it to make it look more dramatic and to really bring out the bruises. #imasurvivor


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