no wifi

Hello world, how have you been? What’s new? Is Trump still president? Did PSG win? Did Kim have another baby? I have been living like a cave person the last days, because I didn’t have wifi, hot water or heating at my place. My hair is greasy, I have no idea what’s been going on outside my 13 square meters. No I couldn’t leave my place because I was waiting for the delivery that would allow me to install wifi.

Some good things have come with living in complete isolation: I had creative outbursts like every few minutes. That’s the only upside to this situation. You’ll see. I obviously still wrote ‘’everything’’ that happened down. I mostly sat around, watching one of the few things I had downloaded on Netflix, making food and cleaning my flat. So much cleaning. I was very bored.

Sunday, 30.9

I don’t have wifi, yet, (hopefully tomorrow!!! Please!!!) So I’m documenting in my notes. Found my glasses so I took some selfies #guccigang. Also just had tomato sauce (that I spilled all over my white sweater) as you can tell by the redness of my lips.

Oh and I’m officially in Leipzig now, like no car, no going back (no wifi). Kinda nervous, kinda exited. Gotta get used to all this.

Watching the kissing booth and it makes me cringe so much. Wtf. I keep giggling because I’m so uncomfortable cause like aw but like ew you know.

Aaah yikes. This is so cringe.

Last 2 hours of September. How the actual fuck is it October then? Halloween is in 4 weeks!! And then it’s Christmas and then new year’s and then 2019 and then I’m 21?¿?!

Monday, 1.10

Woke up at 7 but SOMEHOW managed to stay in bed until 8:30. I made porridge and as it come to decorating the top and to making it aesthetically pleasing (my favorite part), I found a dead, well half dead, fly in my jar of pumpkin seeds.

So that was a bummer.

After that I started working on my to do list.

  • Call wifi people cause I don’t have the router

  • go grocery shopping

  • find wifi

  • be home by 12

  • because the technician comes between 12 and 6:30

  • bring my bike to the repair shop cause the back wheel is basically falling off


  • the wifi people said the technician can install wifi without me having to have the router

  • I now own bread and apples

  • I found wifi at the grocery store where I bought bread and apples but nothing exiting even happens on the interwebs. Idk why I’m so addicted

  • I was home by 11 and made lunch aka put a sweet potato in boiling water for 8 minutes

  • The technician came at half 2

  • I can pick up my bike on Thursday 5PM

    I now am 110% sure that the basement in my house is haunted. It looks like a doctor and 3 belgian nuns were murdered down here. (3 belgian nuns because an episode of friends is one thing downloaded on Laptop and Rachel just talked about 3 belgian nuns). Anyway, the technician for the wifi was here and put a cable in the basement and then measured SOMETHING in my flat. Now all I have to do is wait for my router to arrive. Please today cause I’m super bored and the data on my phone is suffering.

Update: The router did not arrive today which means I have to stay at my wifi-less flat again tomorrow. Well I hope it gets delivered then. I can’t be on house arrest for 3 days.

Btw lil note to my future self: It takes your waterkettle 11:42 minutes to boil water.

Here’s a useful lifehack:

I wanted a hanger (?) for my coat and keys on the wall cause I was hanging them over the doorknob and it annoyed me. I did have 2 nails that were leftover from building ikea furniture. Now that I think about it that might not be so good. Well we’ll see if the bed or the closet breaks into pieces first. Anyway, had those nails, no hammer tho. But that wouldn’t stop me, a sophisticated, emancipated young woman. After (unsuccessfully) trying to use my hands, I had an epiphany (hells yes, I learned a new word by reading a book). A spoon. And now look at this: 


I basically watched all the movies I had downloaded on my laptop (all very cringe) and they expire tomorrow which is a big problem.

I just remembered that I brought my asos magazine. (Here’s on new way of throwing your money out the window: buy the asos magazine.)

How fucking cute does my little shelf look?

Thinking about signing up for the gym here but idk how life’s gonna be from next week on. Ugh. Can’t leave my house until I get my router anyway. So nervous for next week.


I slept with an eye mask (is that the word? You know, the thing you cover your eyes with so it’s dark) tonight, which gave me a heart attack in the morning cause I thought I had gone blind. Didn’t even do anything I still woke up at 7. I’m exited for winter, when the sun rises at like 11am.

There‘ s no heating or hot water today. I kinda wanna/ have to take a shower, and all I have left is 500ml of water. I won‘ t get far with that. I had to drink Fanta (that I initially had bought for Jäganta) with lunch today. My router still hasn‘t arrived. My Netflix downloads are starting to expire. Tomorrow is a holiday which means the post won‘ t deliver anything which means another day of pure boredom. I‘ m doing pretty well tho I had a creative epiphany. You‘ ll see.

Sounds like I‘ m dying, writing my last words.

I‘ m watching the breakfast club which is one of ma faves so this afternoon is fine. I also had some delicious lunch… Did I have to read the instructions on how to make rice? Yes. But it was delicious.

It‘ s now 13:48 and I’m just praying to every god out there that my router arrives today.

At 8 or something, when I’m sure that I won’t get a delivery, I’ll go to the grocery store, where they have WiFi and I’ll buy some tea and colored pencils cause I found a coloring book and I’m running out of things to do. I hope I’ll have running water again til then so I won’t have to buy bottled water.

Update: I’m an idiot. I had running water the whole time. It’s the hot water that’s not working, which is a problem too cause I ain’t taking a cold shower. Every time I hear a car parking in my street I get my hopes up but at this time of day it’s just parents, picking up their kid from the kindergarden across the street. I might go to the gym that is also in my neighborhood (I love this city) tomorrow, just to check if I like it, no contract. Plus I have been eating so much chocolate everyday (from New Zealand. It’s so good like ?!). I don’t know what else to do. I’m convinced that the second I leave the house there’s a delivery guy coming.

Here’s what I think I’ll do tomorrow:

  • go to the gym (update: not gonna happen)

  • go to a cafe with my laptop (hope I find one that’s open and has WiFi) (update: happening right now)
  • walk around my neighborhood to see what else is here (update: kinda happened but it’s a holiday so most stuff is closed)

I’m officially a grandma. Haven’t even started studying, or did anything significant in life, but I am a grandma. Look at my Tuesday night: I bought well overprized colored pencils, I’ve got a coloring book, chamomile tea and I’m wearing my glasses #guccigang. I’m also listening to relaxing music and I’ll probably be in bed by 9.

Good night.

Wednesday, 3.10

It’s been 4 days without wifi. I’m starting to feel deprived. I’m really cold (oh no that’s because the heating isn’t working) and I’m starting to get fomo. I’m running out of things to do to keep me entertained. Food is still available. If I keep eating out of boredom I don’t know how much longer it will last. It’s a holiday today, the shops are closed. 

Okay it’s going up now.

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