don’t ask me what happened yesterday. All I remember is a lot of candy and the movie sing. Umm new favorite movie btw. Who knew taron egerton could sing (I did, that’s why I bought the movie).

got up, had porridge, went to bed.

got up, had vietnamese food and icecream, I’m now sitting in the living room.

Procrastinating going to the gym. I’m tired. But it’s my last chance to go cause tomorrow is Leipzisch 5ever. Maybe I’ll have coffee later and then I’ll go. dunno.

At the gym. I’m sweating. 14 and a half minutes in. Still listening to French music, but every other song is I’m still standing – the Taron Everton version. Soz Elton, I know you’re reading this.
Got the whole gym to myself.
24 and a half minutes. My legs hurt.
Didn’t even *pauses music* experience *play* enough today to ramble.
Made it to my usual 62 minutes. Was my last workout today. Tomorrow I’m moving. Push 2.5 to 10 kg, pull 15 to 30kg, push up 2.5 to 15 kg, sit up 5 to 20kg. Don’t know if those are the right terms but anyway. Made that progress from July until now.
When I got home I was supposed to meet my friends later cause there’s a light festival in town. That didn’t happen cause I was hungry had to take a shower and do the laundry. In bed now, can’t sleep.


cheesecake and caramel

dear 30y/o me, always order cheesecake and caramel


nr 73

dear 30y/o me, always order 73.

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