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Sep 25

At the gym. I’m sweating cause the sun which is setting now is shining right into ma face. Bitch. Didn’t even have biskuits today. Just two cups of yoghurt which in*pauses French music* *thinks* retrospect is probably more unhealthy than a box of biskuits. Probably not. Probably. Proba… stfu.
Let’s talk about what I did today.
I picked up my dogs. I have never been welcomed like that and if that is not my home in the future I’m gonna be so disappointed. Here’s a video:



I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up writing my bachelor exam whilst at the gym. Writing distracts me from doing all the sport and if I turn up the level I can go slow and multitask. I’m really starting to figure out life hacks here. A bit of sweat just dropped from my forehead onto my phone. That’s disgusting. *Turns French music back on*.

453 kcal. That’s how many calories both yoghurts have. 453 kcal that’s how many calories I just burned. Woop woop.


tortilla de patata for the win btw.


whip up 3 eggs. put them in pan. put patatas in there. Put lid on. Wait.

Can you tell that I’m a pro when it comes to cinematography?

Sep 26

Kay. I’m in town drinking my café au lait. I tried finding a good English book which turns out to be impossible in Germany. The selection is tiny. There are so many exchange students in town rn. I walked down the street and heard everything from “c’est ça c’est ça!” to “dude I kid you not like”….

I’m so not hungry after having that giant omelette last night. I wish I was tho I love food and the coffee shop is right next to a döner kebab shop and it smells so fucking good. I payed for parking until 16:43 cause I only had a 2€ coin. It now is 14:56. Not sure what I’ll do the next hours. I know I have to pee. I kinda wanna try something pumpkin spice don’t even know if I can get it here and I also just got a big was coffee which was the 3rd one of the day. Not buzzing yet so if I manage to find it somewhere I might get it. Don’t think I’ll go to the gym today cuz I’m exhausted. Yesterday was bad. I also tried a new thing for back muscles. Well that BACKfired because now my back hurts.

Kay made it until 16:01 going back to the car now.

At the gym again. 6 minutes in and I can barely move anymore.

Put on a facemask I bought in hong kong that is probably expired.


Sep 27

In town sipping my coffee. What else would I be doing. In a different cafe today. More hipstery and better vibes. Only flaw: Yesterday I payed 2,40 for a café au lait today I payed 2,60 for a black coffee. Going to do some grocery shopping for today’s edit: tomorrow’s) dinner cause I found a recipe on Pinterest (you’ll see). Just waiting for my parking meter to run out.

At la gym again. 5 minutes in. I’m done. It’s also like 30 degrees CELSIUS outside.
I’m in such a bad mood like I used to be able to do this for 2 hours burning a thousand calories. Now the french music annoys me and I’m sweating like an old man after 20 minutes. Thought I was gonna get better and stronger and stuff but no. Fuck this. I’m just gonna put the level from comfortable 5 to 10 and make myself suffer.

Aaand as if I never had lunch.
I think the 2 liters of coffee that I had today kicked in I’m going for round 2.

Aaand as if I never had breakfast.

Is that even how calories work? I’ve got no idea. I decided to go onto weights now.


click it


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