It’s the 29th now, I do not recall this day like what so ever but I took these pictures. How cool is that corduroy jacket!? On the verge of getting it… if they have it in Leipzisch as well. Keeping that pull&bear juper that I ordered on asos btw.

Edit: found this in ma notes:

So I was planning on going to the gym now before I have to pick up my dad from the train station. But because I’ve been laying in bed all afternoon I needed coffee. I somehow get worse at making coffee. Even tho I drink coffee multiple times a day for the last 3 years. Like it just tastes weird. So I decided to put sugar in it cause it was hella bitter which is a bit counterproductive cause I was on ma way to the gym you know. The sugar only made it worse?! I’ve never experienced a situation where sugar made anything worse. So yeah this was off to a great start. Anyway going to the gym now wish me luck.

A grandpa just jogged past my kitchen window. That was great motivation.

At the gym. I’m sweating. But the biskuits can’t make themselves comfortable on ma hips.



⬆️ was I drunk? No.

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