the difference 24 hours can make

Okay writing this legit while in the gym. I turned the level way down but because it’s not even 9am and I’m in the gym, I don’t care. Yesterday I had the brilliant idea to do interrail in my last 8 days of freedom. Just through Switzerland you know, as one does. Today I woke up and I somehow preferred staying at home. (Btw, I’m starring down at my phone and I feel sea sick lol). Here is why: I have my gym membership, that I spent a ton of money on, for 8 more days. My ASOS parcel is coming today (thx next day delivery) and even tho I told my mom I won’t keep anything, we all know I will. Last but most important reason: I’m a lazy piece of shit atm and I just wanna stay at home and eat all the chocolate biscuits. (Almost fell of the thing just now.) Yesterday was an exception. I ate 2 packs. Which is also the reason I am at the gym not even 12 hours after I last went. It’s 8:51 and there’s only one more person, which I enjoy very much.

I started watching Emma Chamberlain on YouTube (look at all those capital letters) and she kept talking about yelp. Long story short I just found a cafe I had never heard about in ma town so that’s where I’m going today. Also have an appointment at the hearing aid shop, where I will be doing some complaining. Time goes by fast when multitasking, but only as long as you have stuff to talk about. I’m starting to ramble.
But while writing this I’ve burned 95 calories. That’s like one biscuit. I had like 20. Do the math people I’m gonna be here for a while. Also: there’s a tv in here and there’s a Re-run of last night’s episode on. That’s how you know you’re a sports pro.
43 more minutes. I will return to listening to French music. Adios. I mean au revoir.
Change of plans. It’s 15 seconds later. I’m sweating cause I had a hot coffee this morning. Plus I have the taste in my mouth which kinda makes me wanna throw up.
A+ content as always. I also just timelapsed my jelly biceps. So deleting that.
The biscuits were 404 calories. How do I know? Says it on the box, and I ate the entire thing. So now I’m gonna burn 404 calories -exactly. It’s gonna be as if I  never had my midnight “snack”.
Never doing that again y’all.

I had my usual porridge straight from the pot today cause who’s got the time really?

So it’s several hours later, my ASOS delivery still hasn’t arrived. I’m in bed. I went to my ear appointment thing, got a new hearing aid to try. It hurts ma ear. Went to the grocery store. Bought Jägermeister. Then I made my own tomato sauce with the tomatoes I got from the garden yesterday. I had some leftover so for lunch I had a salad. Bell pepper, cucumber and tomatoes from the garden, mushrooms and lettuce from the store. Yummm.

Going into town to meet my friends now which means taking the bus cause alcohol you know. So I’m at the bus stop now and it’s dark and I’m only shitting my pants a little bit.

3:54am on Saturday. I just got home after sharing a taxi with a guy my friend knows who lives in the same town as me. He paid. I got away with paying like 15€ the entire night and I had beers and tequila and went to a club. Go me. Gonna sleep now. More details when I wake up in the afternoon tomorrow.

Ooh how 24 hours can change a person. It now too is 9am, the next day. I am in bed with a headache. And I don’t think I will be tasking anything today.

I smell like a 74 year old man who has been smoking since he was 12 mixed with a lime and an anonymous alcoholic who’s not taking the meetings quite too serious.

Nothing a little shampoo and conditioner can’t fix. In other words, I just got out the shower and I’m now going to buy me some brekkie.

Change of plans, obviously. I had chocolate porridge. Made it myself, thank you very much. It was delicious. I also did just purchase modern family season 7 cause there are only 1-6 on netflix. Only cost me 30 bucks. fml. That’s what I spend my non existing money on nowadays. You know what I’ll be doing the next 22 times 20 minutes. 440 minutes that is. That’s only 7 hours. wtf.

I also have to go to the grocery store today because my cause of death is not going to be starvation. That’s what I decided during breakfast. Food is just too good.

Did I mention that my asos delivery has arrived? Maybe I have somewhere up there. I don’t proof read this shit, as you can tell by the spelling misakes and on going nonsense. Who’s got the time. Well I do. But I’m #lazy. I will be keeping a necklace and a sweater. If I ever make it up to my room again today, you’ll see.

On my 3rd cup of coffee and I’m starting to feel alive and well.

Haven’t moved much. It’s the evening now and I just got back from the grocery store. I have been spending more time working on 2 diary free posts today than I have on watching modern family. I’m only on episode 4! My calculations were wrong, I will not be done with the season at 7. Woop woop.

The radiator somehow doesn’t work so imwearing layers inside, a blanket over my lap, the candles are lit and the tea is ready to be sipped. I will be making pasta with tomato sauce now. You’ll see. hehe

and that’s a box of biskuits that I ate within 4 minutes.
20180922_035416 Damn apparently this is the picture I took after I got back home. Can you see my new necklace???
friday’s dinner


she’s a beaut
in case of hangover, take a shower and put this in your hair
breakfast on friday, looks disgusting. Did have protein powder and water instead of chocolate and milk in it tho.


guess what I’m making


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