plum explanation

I’m on a roll y’all. 2 posts within 1 hour. I’m just procrastinating going to the gym tbh. But I also wanna explain the plums and jam. So. I hadn’t seen my grandma since last Christmas which is like way too long and I still had her birthday present that I bought in Lewes. Her birthday was in May. So I decided to go there one last time before uni starts. I drive for about 20 minutes and get stuck in traffic. Took me about 4 hours to get to her house. It usually takes like 2.5. Good start to my Friday afternoon. I get to her house and show her pictures of Iceland and we have dinner. The next morning I woke up at 9! Haven’t slept that long in about 3 months. I take my car and get us some nice warm breadrolls cause she usually just has bread that she freezes. Afterwards I had the brilliant idea to drive into the next big town because there was a food market today. Big mistake. I was stuck in traffic yet again and it took ages to find a parking. Had to park in a garage on the 10th floor cause the other 9 were full. And it went into the basement. Like 10 stories downstairs (?). English explanations are hard okay?

I was on that market for 46 seconds. There were far too many people. So I went to the shops and bought a sweater at Zara. The reason I wanted to go to Munster was for a restaurant called krawummel. They have very hipster-y food so I – a hipster, had to go. It was delish and not even that expensive. Was back at my grandma’s in time for cake. We always go to a lil cafe. Had gooseberry- meringue cake. Is that a thing? That’s what Google translate told me to call IT. In the evening I went to visit my other grandparents and my cousin who just got mack from Hawaii was there too. Well.

On Sunday I got breadrolls again and then started picking plums in my grandma’s garden. My grandparents had promised me to give me apples and plums from there garden as well.

Then I went to a garden centre and a milk station (?) And bought milk (who would have thought) a plant for my grandma and one for me.

Me and my grandma made lunch before I left. She even got me veggie schnitzel! She da best.

Before heading home I drove by my grandparents to pick up the apples and plums and my aunt and uncle were there.  On my way home I was so tired I almost fell asleep a couple of times. The plan was to go to the gym in the evening. Ya. As if. So I made apple plum jam instead. It’s delicieux. Yes French. That way I can call it confiture cause the word jam reminds me of traffic jam and I’ve had enough of those the past few days thank you. That’s all.

Oh and I ate an entire pack of biscuits that evening while regretting every life choice I’ve made since I was 8. Bye bye.


necessary mirror selfie at krawummel after a woman offered me a baby wipe cause there was no toilet paper



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