parking tickets and plums

From 3 to 1 night. Here’s what happened. I was planning on staying in Leipzig from Monday until Thursday to get some shit done. So on Monday morning I put some more bits and pieces into boxes and then make my way to Leipzig. 2.5 hours later I park the car in front of my lil apartment and carry box after box to the 4th floor. After that I was basically dead and didn’t even wanna start building the bed after seeing the 100 page novel that is the instructions. So I unroll the matracess and start watching friends. The genius that I am, I downloaded some movies and episodes cause I don’t have wifi. After a quick break I start unpacking, putting everything into place which only took about 3 hours. Keep in mind those were things like mason jars and I live on 13m2. In the afternoon i made myself go outside to be productive and run errands. Didn’t know what to do at the apartment without wifi anyway. So I go to the registration office to tell’em that Leipzig just got 19% better (cause I mov -you got that). Btw. I parked my car in a parking garage which is something I usually never do. On top of that I parked backwards. I pull a number B706. Wait: 141 minutes. I think fml and sit down. Many many weird people and one creepy guy dat down right next to me even tho there were lots of empty seats. So O do what everyone in their right mind does, I pretended to get a phone call and went outside. Then I had the idea. I have over 2 hours. I have Stufe to so. So I make my way to the phone shop only 10 minutes from the office and tell the guy at the counter: I need wifi. He starts talking the phone talk that no one except guys at phone shop counters understand. He even showed me a thingy that barks at you. Legit never laughed that hard in a phone shop before. The guy was nice and kept saying I can call him anytime if I need anything. He just called me now and made it very clear that he’d be happy to help. Welllll. Anyway. On the 1st of October some guy is gonna come to my apartment and set up my wifi. Woop woop. I went back to the office afterwards and still had to wait for an hour!!! Some guy switched numbers with me so then I was 701. It took 2.5 minutes for them to change my ID. Afterwards I drove back home and then walked to the grocery store to get food for the evening. I got some pasta sauce, a bell pepper, canned vegetables, bread and cream cheese. Back at the flat I made dinner and then went to bed. It was like 7 when I laid down on my 2 matracess. I started watching the ugly truth, one of the movies I had downloaded before, but fell asleep halfway through. That was Monday.

I woke up at 5 but luckily went back to sleep until half 7. I got up and cleaned the mess that was the result of my dinner. First time using the French press as well. I had better, gotta say. Maybe I have to learn how to use it properly don’t know but I did buy the coffee we have at home. After my usual porridge I was planning on going to the gas station and to the grocery store just to see that I got a parking ticket cause some dickhead reported me. So yes gonna have to pay. Spent a lot of money at dm and rewe. And I did buy a raisin bread roll for 65 cents so that I could sit down and use the wifi. Nothing even happened online I don’t know why I’m so addicted to Instagram and all that jazz. And nobody texts me anyway. I got back home, parked my car in a different street further away from the house, and made lunch. I tried the jam I diy-ed, that you know nothing about because I haven’t told you. I made plum- apple jam. Apple-plum sounds better. It’s delissshh if you wanna know the recipe, leave a comment and give this vid… oh yes. I’m not a youtuber. Then I got out my bike for the first time and was terrified that driving in a big city was a big step towards death. You’re probably glad to hear that I’m alive. I went to the university to collect my student card. It’s official. I’m a student. Went back home then to decide that I don’t wanna risk getting another ticket so I packed my bags, watered the plants, had one last coffee and drove 2.5 hours back home. I just had about 2 pounds of plums from my grandma’s garden which you also don’t know anything about. Maybe I should talk about Friday to Sunday before this. I won’t but I probably should. Anyway now I feel sick and this heat is killing me. So yeah. Happy Tuesday to me. Now come the pictures. I even timelapsed myself making breakfast this morning.

20180917_17025820180917_17024420180917_17025220180917_18215020180917_17022820180917_18220420180917_182155Screenshot_20180912-131252_Samsung Notes20180917_18375120180917_18303920180917_18214720180918_16573820180918_08113820180918_115959

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