the end

Yo yo yo last roadtrip day today. We woke up to kinda sunshine not really sunshine. You know where there’s a white ball in a grey sky. But there was hope. The Belgian guy was in a good mood, not exhausted and “fed up with driving” anymore.

The weather turned out to be awesome that day and we spent the most chill day in Reykjavik exploring the city but mostly we sat in the sun next to the water. The Bali/ Interrail vibes were real yo.

It took about an hour to get into Reykjavik city and we parked the car next to my mom’s house. The plan was that the belgian guy would stay at a campsite close to the car rental for the night and I’d stay at my moms. Would be silly if I went there with him just to go back to the place I came from. Very thankful for that suggestion of his. After parking the car we walked into town looking for a snow globe for his mom. We took some pictures, bought a snow globe and went into some shops.
Because he now is kinda bff with my sister (he sent her beautiful pictures of me sleeping) we decided to send a postcard to New Zealand. He wrote half, I wrote half. I payed. Lol.

After that we were hungry, and very icelandic, we had subway. He had never tried it before and we weren’t gonna spent a billion bucks on a fish soup in a bread bowl. So a sub was the perfect choice. We stayed there for a bit and then headed down to the water where the harpa is. We went into the concert hall looking around. The architecture is incredible. Because the weather was so nice we decided to sit next to the harbour on the rocks right next to the water which is where we ended up staying until the sun moved behind the harpa and it got too cold. So we walked to the old harbour looking around. Nothing too exiting over there but there are some giant ships. After a big misunderstanding between my mom and I we eventually met her at 5. She went up to the church, I thought she was home at 5 waiting in the car in front of the house. The Belgian guy wanted to go to the campsite I needed to put my stuff into the flat. I yelled at her over the phone in beautiful german a little bit which the belgian guy recorded and put in his Snapchat story. “German is such a poetic language”. My mom walked back to the house, met the belgian guy, I put my stuff into the flat, the Belgian guy left, we waved goodbye, me and my mom walked up to the church. And that was the roadtrip. I miss that little camper a lot. Just waking up next to incredible landscapes, eating in the middle of nowhere just pulling up somewhere when you got hungry. Lighting that cooker to boil water for coffee every morning. Loved it. Definitely wanna go on another roadtrip! @Belgianguy thanks for driving me around and for such a great adventure.


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