land of fire and ice

First up some shameless self promo. Ya girl’s got an official Instagram now. Took her long enough dinnit? Is that a thing that the British say? Like isn’t it is innit and didn’t it is dinnit??? Anyway follow for follow, like for like (not). kt.k80 is da username. Enjoy

First thing I saw that morning was the sun shining above snowy mountains. I was up and in the best mood instantly. That was the day without rain. I think this day might be one of my favourites this year. You’ll see. For breakfast I had instant porridge! Same brand I had every morning in Brighton. Combined with the Belgian guy being in a great mood and basically speechless because of the landscape and my instant coffee it was the perfect breakfast. That campsite definitely gets a 10/10. Clean single showers, clean toilets. A place to wash the dishes, hot water. AND THAT VIEW. We did stay there a second night the next day. The reception was o my open from 9am to 6pm and the first time we got there at 7 and left early so we didn’t have to pay which was strange (not complaining tho). We headed further east towards a glacier called Jökullsarlon. We didn’t even know it existed and hadn’t planned to go there but we saw a car in the parking lot and the couple looked very exited, running to the hill. So we got out not knowing what to expect. I still don’t k ow what to say. We experienced a once in a lifetime thing. I had to sit down right on the path because I could not believe my eyes. There was a giant lake with icebergs sitting in the middle of it. The blue sky and the sun was reflected in the water so we wore only sweaters. Thank you Bob for this experience. We headed back down to the car to get a camping chair and our camping cooker and made lunch right on the shore. It looked epic. This day will forever be in my mind. Pretty sure we stayed there for like 2 hours. I facetimed one of my friends because he had to see this. It was incredible. There were only 2 other people but they were far away so there was basically nothing but silence and icebergs. I even saw a little seal playing around in the water. DON’T GO TO FUCKING SEA WORLD GUYS. SEEING THEM HAPPILY PLAYING AROUND IN THE WILD IS SO MUCH BETTER.
On a more serious note tho. When we left to go back to the car because the place got more crowded we heard a loud noise and saw that a big piece of ice had melted off one of the icebergs. Seeing that really makes you think. I was gutted afterwards. Seeing global warming up close and personal makes you wanna change the world somehow. I will look up the topic further when I’m back home. I wanna know what simple changes everyone can make to at least do something. I don’t think my kids will have the opportunity it to see a glacier or even snow like that. Fuck.

Okay back to the roadtrip. 5 minutes further down the road was diamond beach where we were actually headed. After seeing all the edited pictures on Instagram my expectations were quite high so I was a little disappointed when we arrived there. There wasn’t much ice at all and you could literally see the ice that was there melting and dripping away. I took a few pictures and we were back on the road at noon.

In the evening we obviously went back to the campsite from the night before. That day it was cloudy and you could barely see the mountains, and we had to pay. But still, simply knowing what was hidden behind those clouds was da

Pics aren’t in order cuz like who’s got the time really. But enjoy they’re epic.


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